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Send that mail to the air
Let the moon light the words
And the owl sing the message:
Love and peace.
(c) psayff
Writing my lines
With my infant ties
Blessed with treasures
Of Muse profusions
Canned in tin
Of seizure of ink

I cling to my sheet
Narrating my hit
In me,
Millennia thirst
Broken by mercy
Given by poetry
But not by poets

I read their lines
Recite them like mine
Inspiring me
To Take bback my jagon
And shading me
From being myself.

I see myself
As a shining star
Glittering from far
Scared of war
Between the sun
and moon

I saw the moon
Flashing the land
With marvelous musings
Guiding my pen
But I suffer from
Seizure of ink
The missing path
It is netwok-less
Darkened with night colors
Dulled by Insects cries
To break the rough silence
Vegetation, piercing through our wheels
Reclaiming its defrosted house
Dancing unholy
To give story of its lonely mood
And deny us our welcome cake
Dogs, barking for ***** bone
Buying it with,
To confirm our illusion
******* our juicy fruit
And a fragile
cheating our muse with fear
It was all a lesson

the ail is shy of
your smile,
it cried for winds' help
to escape the lightening storms
ushered by the wrath of
your smile

and you move free in here
to bring delight from there
singing in divine words
to comfort souls in highs
buried in, blanket of stress.

i raised up my mind
to see the bright sun
graced by you fit physique
honored by your sparkling coat
a cool breeze
to ice the warming hearts
your smile!
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— The End —