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Oct 2014
Depression ain't no joke ya know
one minute you're fine, the next you're six feet underground
Bet you didn't see that coming
Depression ain't no joke ya know

Then it only gets worse when someone who doesn't even know your pain has the audacity to say,"Get over it"
"Get over it," only if it was the simple
Do you think I enjoy always being sad and confused
Looking at the grounds as if it was the skies above

Then society never lets you grow from it
No, it must continuously pound you through the ground until your force to submit
Depression ain't no joke ya know

Now you're an angel hanging from a ceiling fan
Only instead of glowing with a smile upon your face and wings on you're back,
You have a look of despair, and tears dripping down your face
Depression ain't no joke ya know

Then you realize it was only dream and you're still alive
Causing you to cry yourself back to sleep
Only to be woken up once more by another bad dream
Depression ain't no joke ya know

No one seems to understand you
Then you become the weird quiet kid in the back of the classroom
One who envy the smiles upon everyone's face
So you put up a fake one just for precautions

Just to seem like you're not the sourpuss in the room
You know the one killing everyone's vibe
Then you try and mingle a little to back it up
But that's always where you go wrong

You just began to stare off into space
By space I mean the worms in the ground
Then you close yours eyes attempting to hide the crimson tears
Your goodbyes have been said mentally

You are now dead but alive
Hoping to be one day resurrected from your own ashes
The game is finally over
And the cause is death by depression
Dr Strange
Written by
Dr Strange  Atlanta
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