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Sep 2014
A Stick was placed next to another stick
the other stick was taller
in this stick land height was a measuring stick
your height signified your potential
not every stick grew into their young bodies
in fact most didn't
sticks would shrink as they aged
until they had reached what they would be forever

This Stick didn't get it
how was he so short
He was smart, funny, likeable
all the sticks would stick to him
he had to look up to see them
why does no one believe in me
The Stick asked himself at night
no matter, I will prove them wrong

The Stick learned all he could
listened all he could
talked all he could
experienced all he could
The Stick threw himself
in everything he wanted to
and while the sticks around him shrank
This Stick Grew
Written by
Tark Wain
     Alicia La'Trice, Cassie S, Sjr1000 and SPT
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