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Sep 2014
Yesterday it rained
and i fell asleep
the pondering tears of the rain
filled my windows with music
pouring anger from the sky
that made me feel at peace
it rained yesterday
and i fell in love
with the mysterious being who made it rain
and gave me a new reason to live again
the cold ploppy drops
filling me with calm.
it rained yesterday
and the whole town felt it
they all felt the pain
that kept on building itself
the all felt the shame
and the misery
they all felt the life
that was taken away.
it rained yesterday
and i knew i was right
perfect for me
and nobody else.
it rained yesterday
the wind spoke to me
the clouds disappeared
finally freeing the sky.
it rained yesterday
didn’t you see it rain
didn't you hear the beating
the drumming and the lyrics
didn’t you free the freedom?
it rained yesterday
and i felt united
i felt at ease
and the world was mine
the darkened night
filled with horrors and shadows.
it rained yesterday
and it still rains today
in my mind and my heart
as i stumble the halls
clutching my hips
so i remain on my feet.
it rained yesterday
not yet today
so i let my tears rain
and i didn’t let it fall
i just let it flow.
it rained yesterday
and i felt so happy
and so at home.
it rained yesterday
and i ran to the streets
no shoes and a tank top
dancing and laughing
without a care in the world
and nothing but peace.
it rained yesterday
i was happy yesterday
For all of us who love the rain.
Written by
ponderinghope  Wisconsin
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