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Aug 2014
i’m stuffing my ears with cotton
because there will never
be enough pores in my body
to absorb her voice.

too many people talking at once
and i can catch every
other word that she
never meant.

but her eyes remind me
of the way
freshly ground coffee smells
and she knows
i could never give her a solid


she feels like the
real thing
but the nerves in my fingertips
have become calloused and senseless
so there’s really
no way to tell.

(she told me
that my voice
gives her butterflies

and i still can’t
really believe her
despite this dragon
breathing fire into my gut.)

i’ll sit on that brick
as long as it takes
waiting for her to blow that smoke
back in my face and say

because i was never
the one she dreamed about.

i will not
close my eyes.
Written by
Meghan C
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