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ponny jo Feb 2015
Tallow mends
Though wind cuts
Furrowing curtails
Absence missed
Shutter shuts
  Jan 2015 ponny jo
Kelley A Vinal
In this room alone, piled with wishbones
Each social high on golden throne
Feel the breeze with shaking knees
Empty space is all I see
Though triggered by the sadness
Each glory yell to madness
Tells tales of the past enough
To incite the desert dreams

While drones buzz by like angry bees
A hornet's nest is waiting
To capture each like saws to trees
A story worth creating
Through the fairy dance I'm singing
Each brazen glance is seeming
A little less like added stress
To describe this desert feeling

Though peacefulness may hide itself
In shadowed, dripping caverns
A stalagmite of good fortune
In the cheers of beers in taverns
Behind each whisper of enchantment
Comes a desire for life enhancement
But not before the felled tree lore
Is recounted by fire-lit lanterns
ponny jo Dec 2014
Fall like leaves and wind and rain
the eyes that you control are pain
The rides that you have ridden gain
Momentum in your wordings strained
there is nothing to redeem the chained
Branded banded clamped and stranded
Depth of ire in your motions
Death and fire fill your oceans
Beckon more remain you frozen
More to store those cruel notions
Hammered gore glitters the roses
Phantom touches scoring open
Staring blankly, you've been noticed
ponny jo Dec 2014
Some embrace
While others deny
But either way chosen
Doesnt change the contents
ponny jo Dec 2014
Writing sometimes
Like a flame consuming
Can sate
The world in your eyes
Some moths are beautiful
Some bruises are blissful
Some strain and some rain
Is truthful

I sometimes wish that i knew how i felt
ponny jo Dec 2014
Beauty becomes you
Surity, exhaling colors
With which i use to see.

Whispers in my ears
Softly question why to be
Ground me.

Gripping tight
The lead i use to flee. In me.
Star dust, so art thee.

Shimmering. You shape the wind.
Reminding me, im free.
Gathering in aethers never seen.

Light shards from moons
Dark mirrors to shine through
In rooms as still as tombs, you move
ponny jo Dec 2014
A sliver of light
Not paled by the dark

A single flame illuminates the light
As if life reveled in it, laughing

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