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Feb 9 · 52
Like the coming of the seasons
Expected yet revered
the tide whispers in
bringing with it
the cries of the oyster catchers
to soothe my weary brow.
Foam twists and wanes
rushing to my form
only to turn tail
and reappear within a ripple of time.
This water holds my soul
She heard my raging birth
as I heard her raging heart
We are connected
My turmoil hers
her turmoil heavily mine
as the moon sits uneasily
upon her horizon.
Feb 2 · 63
Whispers surround me
my name murmured
in a thousand dialects
though I am alone.
Blue sky thinking
black sky despair,
unpleasant bedfellows
for a corpse.
Hope lies steadily,
her icy depths temptation,
her followers below
glad eyed and grinning.
I am loss eternal
I do not beckon to the light,
I only live within the black
of my heathen creation.
Jan 20 · 103
Tears fall like rain
scarring skin
as my heart breaks in two.

Who am I?

Swirling in a maelstrom, deepest black
as bruises form unseen.
Hands tremble like leaves
reaching for purchase
grasping for the last vestige of light.

All are beyond me now
Touch, a distant memory.
Sympathy tilts in time
with broken clocks
as impatience looms large
on my souls horizon.

Blood drips its crimson path
tainting all and maiming none
as temptation laughs her last
at my broken shell.

This night, too long to sing of
will not be my last.
Jan 19 · 67
Hold me tight against the chill
Bag my bones and bind my eyes
then lead me down to where you sleep
to lay amongst your pretty lies.

Whisper to me hymns of pain
Bind my hands with silver twine
then do your bidding, as you will
for there is none as sweet as mine.
Dec 2018 · 131
Words like knives
issue violence
beneath dreams foretold,
a thousand sorrows
etched by slumbers hand.

"all is not lost"

a bitter platitude now
as I merge with the stillness.
My shoulders heavy with silence
I wait.
Dec 2018 · 175
Never gone ( Cathy's song)
Did you hear me whisper
through the rustling of the leaves?
Did you feel my kiss up on your brow
as I swirled among the trees?
Did notice how my love for you
shone with the midday sun?
Although for now, we are apart
we'll always be as one

Did you hear my happy laughter
in the babbling of the brook?
see my eyes among the bluebells?
won't you take another look?
Did you hear my song sung gently
with the stirring of the pines?
a song of longing for the day
when your heart lives with mine.

I will search for you on rooftops
when the moonlight lights the tiles
I  will search in each reflection
for the light once in your eyes
I will dance with every passing breeze
and howl into the rain
until you come back home to me
to live in peace again.
I was reading Wuthering Heights a while back and became obsessed with Cathys obsession with Heathcliff. So this poem is dedicated to her inspiration.
Dec 2018 · 99
Christmas Cheer
The tree is decked with tinsel
the house is full of light
we sit around the fire
on this holiest of nights.

We sing our hallelujah's
praise the little baby born
then wonder at the magic
of another Christmas morn

The table's overflowing
the champagne sparkles bright
the gifts have all been opened
and there's not a tear in sight

We open all our presents
laid out for all to see
under the glittering branches
of a laden Christmas tree.

Then with some wine we snuggle down
our spirits filled with cheer
and raise a glass to absent friends
so missed this time of year

And when the day draws to a close
Its plain for all to see,
The greatest Christmas gift of all
Is love and family.
Dec 2018 · 78
I tried to die tonight
I opened flesh to scarlet ribbons,
cast in your shadow I bled
as you stood and watched

I tried to die tonight
a new concoction swallowed
rainbow hues for the weak
as you sang a lullaby

I tried to die tonight
you shouted hallelujah
and I was ****** forever
within your gleeful cry.
Dec 2018 · 116
You shoot words like bullets
Tearing me down
Every sentence delivers a blow
harder than the last.
You hate these words I write
they sit upon your heart like scar tissue.
"Not good enough,Never were
Never will be"
Your mantra will echo eternally.
You know not the damage you've done.
Dec 2018 · 55
I lay here, alone
pushing in pins
feeling my form disappear.
Years spent searching
as blood seeps slowly
sickly sweet
against craving skin.
I will walk in shadow,
when dawn breaks.
Time will snap these hollow bones,
folding my soul
into butterflies
as flight takes hold.
This final girl
will be no more
than she has ever become.
This will be my triumph
Nov 2018 · 73
Storm damage
Dark days brought me here,
ragged and blown I stand within the devices of my fate
My roaring mouth wide, yet silent
against the cacophonous background. Brittle now, this heart of splendour
as flesh is drawn from parchment bones
revealing only words, their rhythms forever etched into my echo.
Nov 2018 · 225
The drowned
There are no stars tonight
the sea, granite smooth,
whispers secrets to the shore
as it sits in wait.
Cliffs green with moss appear grey
and lend shadows to the silvered sand.
A lonely cry splits the dark
fading swiftly into the hush.
All boats are silent now
haunted by the sirens call,
they hold their breath
under a sliver of moon.
Silence rules the landscape
as the drowned take breath.
Nov 2018 · 58
The art of letting go
Blow a kiss and let me go
bid tempestuous fairwell
Such lies have passed these trembling lips
the truth of which I can not tell

Stand and let my shadow pass
through evening shades, to darkest black
Soothe my soul to sleep once more
with tales of never looking back.

Then **** my love to deepest ****
though countenance may break your heart
and break our spell to set me free
to live in peace now we're apart.
Nov 2018 · 171
String my heart with daisy chains
and lower me to peace
to lie in wait for mercy's hand
to bring my souls release.
The nightingale will sing her song
to mourn the passing day
as flowers linger up above,
themselves in sweet decay.
Nov 2018 · 216
He keeps her heart locked in a cage
to which he lost the key
he keeps his own heart filled with rage
for all the world to see.
Nov 2018 · 96
I sang a song of tears for you
It echoed from my aching spine
and whispered with the moonlit breeze
Oh sweetest love, won't you be mine?

And should this sweet song reach your ears
Across the ageing, tired tide
I beg that you will take your heart
then hide it swiftly deep inside.

For though I covet it's caress
upon my helpless, weary soul
I fear that I will turn it black
and leave you nursing but a hole

So I will sing my song of tears
and mute the echo with my heart
where love, she blossomed once in vain
there now lay thorns and broken parts.
Nov 2018 · 71
The pain is subtle at first
A still whisper of solitary words
Stitched together with pulling scars
and stained pages.

We weave the night,her mysterious follies
take shape against our reflection
keeping score for the needy
while damning the meek.

Bravery reigns as sword touches flesh
etching fears to woven rhyme
blood let in letter form
a release to all who know death.
I'm in a really dark place at the moment and finding it really hard to write. Please be kind! x
Nov 2018 · 175
She comes to me in whispers
her feet treading water above silvered shards
as her cerulean stare pierces the dark.
I breath in the atmosphere
as her chill sets my lungs to burn.
Both fear and adoration fill my mind as beauty in it's bleakest form, beckons.
Jul 2018 · 227
Starlings (2)
Starlit starlings sleep unfettered
settled now in treetops high
when dawn awakes they'll join the chorus
Waking all with joyful cry.

They'll take to wing across the skyline
and charm the clouds to a whispered sigh
Come evening they'll return with glory
Weaving waves into the sky.
I have starlings nesting outside my window, they're a very noisy yet beautiful sight
Jul 2018 · 168
Paper boats
Could you love me for a while
upon a summers day
We'll drift the seas in paper boats
and kiss the time away

Could you love me come the fall
where hues of russet play
We'll kiss among the falling leaves
then in your arms I'd stay

In winter will you love me still?
amongst the ice and snow
a thousand twinkling fairy lights
will hold us in their glow

And when the spring she comes around
and blossoms are in bloom
will you pick some daffodils
and lay them at my tomb.

For I must leave you now my love
for heavens distant shore
but I will hold your heart in mine
until we meet once more
Jul 2018 · 146
Darkness consumes my every breath
Pulling me deeper into despair.
I am shadow, there is no light,
no smile to tear through the constant lonely aching. I cry, silently within this vacuum of my own design as my desire to be is slowly defeated.
All that remains is time and she alone will seal my fate.
Jul 2018 · 195
Beneath the trees
Let's love a while beneath the trees
Our bodies cooled by summer breeze
let inhibitions turn to dust
our hearts aflame with molten ****

Place kisses on white linen skin
embrace this moment, breathe me in
pray silently as we begin
for you will be my only sin

Come to me now with lovers fire
and be my only true desire
as passion opens bounties fair
laid out before you, quaking, bare.

Then enter slowly, if you will
as though all time is standing still
when morning rises, say my name
For we will not be here again.
Jul 2018 · 363
Sunday morning walk
Dawn breaks slowly, the evening stillness gives way to the jubilant  chatter of birds as sun rises.

A church bell rings in the distance, its chimes blending with the lively babble of a nearby brook, alive with darting rainbows as the light reflects shimmering scales.

There is peace to be found here, a deep inner calm takes hold as I watch the bluebells lift their heads once more as Bumble Bees make breakfast of clover.

All of nature beckons, her green majesty awaits my adoration, her song, ancient and knowing, leads the dance to where I find my heaven.
Jul 2018 · 134
Play me a song and I'll dance for you
barefoot and twirling on kitchen tile
sing me a melody lilting and true
then take my hand and we'll sway a while.

Draw me in close as the beat takes hold
my head on your chest as we keep the time
We'll dance until dawn brings and end to the stars
then I will be yours and you will be mine.
Jul 2018 · 161
Could you love a poetess
Who hangs on every word
and scribbles down the nuances
of all she's ever heard

Could you love a poetess
Who stumbles into black
then begs you for a candle
to guide her slowly back

Could you love a poetess
if someone clipped her wings
and wonder at her silence
when she no longer sings

Could you love this poetess
with all her broken parts
For she could love so fiercely
should someone touch her heart.
Jul 2018 · 113
Cherry wine
Will you need my love as evening falls
and all the stars are mine
We'll welcome in the harvest moon
with a kiss of cherry wine.

Will  you need my love as passing time
turns everything to dust
We'll dance until we know no end
Among these leaves of rust

For I will need you constantly
My sweet unending friend
and I will walk the earth with you
until it's very end.
Jul 2018 · 367
Wrap me around your ***** form
let my satin touch soothe your soul
I am all you need in this moment. Let us be lovers, unconfined by shame. Shake off the chains of yesterday and let the rest melt away. We are our own world, swaying hips and red wine smiles set the tone. Let us dance like this forever, our bodies sated as sweat drips, keeping rhythm, holding time.
Jul 2018 · 121
You speak to me
as though I am nothing but dirt.
Once you said you were lucky to have me, that you could lose yourself within my smile. Now there are only tears while you bellow and holler at the finality of my presence. There are no words left unspoken between us, just an all encompassing darkness brought forth by silence,where once there was love untamed. Will I ever be her again? The girl good enough to receive your affection rather than your scorn? Is there still hope behind my tear stained eyes? I think not.
Jul 2018 · 411
If love was just a wish away
and every dream came true
I'd pull the stars down from the sky
and give them all to you

For all the words I write are yours
I bleed for you alone
If I could hold your pretty stare
it's there I'd  find my home

But I am just a lonely scribe
of whom you're unaware
if I was graced with just one smile
my parchment heart would tear.

So I will wish upon the moon
and beg upon her grace
that I will love forevermore
her light upon your face.
Jun 2018 · 1.3k
She paints a pretty picture
she says the nicest things
outside she's always smiling
though demons live within.

She wears the latest fashion
Is surrounded by her friends
She goes to all the parties
but the torment never ends

She always feels so helpless
while alone beneath the stars
She paints a pretty picture
the girl with all the scars.
Jun 2018 · 315
Ditty ( unfinished)
Oh won't you lay me down tonight
While moonlit shadows are at play
Our love will dance among the stars
then in my arms you'll always stay.
Can't seem to get any further, all suggestions welcome **
Jun 2018 · 204
To you my friend so lost in darkness
who feels forever set to roam
through troubles and unending torment
someday your heart will lead you home.

I will be here to walk beside you
to keep you safe within my palm
just trust in me as shadows call you
for I could never do you harm.
Jun 2018 · 229
From my window
Heat settles like dew
forming waves
above glistening tar
summer's slow breezes
are but a rumour now.
Birds fly amongst the blue
their song irrepressible,
chimes through the haze
as bees bustle busily
past parched pavements
to gather the nectar they crave.
May 2018 · 224
White crosses
The poppy field stirs
as spring breezes graze the silence
sending birds to flight
Hush, do you hear them?
a thousand souls that cried for home.

All men wear white crosses here,
the rows glisten
standing straight and tall against the sky
Shoulder to shoulder
finally at one with peace.
There will be no reveille as dawn breaks
No call to arms for these brothers of battle.
Only quiet remembrance.
May 2018 · 317
I travel roads of deep despair,
chasing a shimmer of hope on the far horizon, forever out of reach, it's  sullen beauty lingers at dusk, calling
yet never yielding to my touch.
Time sleeps within the darkness
it stretches and wanes within waves of poison doubt
speaking my conscience
killing the last of me.
Knowledge presents itself slowly
that caustic drip
an ancient thirst
to  covet moons.
May 2018 · 521
When the mockingbird she sings no more
and all her scars are healed
she will give in to honest hope
as love, it is revealed
will slowly mend her broken wings
and set her off to soar
no more to feel the loneliness
that filled her every score.
May 2018 · 655
The river
Come let us shake off our heavy clothes
down by the river where no one goes
fears will be falling like dominoes
where this is leading no one knows.

Swim with the fish and the dragonflies
clouds are reflecting in your blue eyes
swim against the tide, we can only try
evening will come to pass by and by.

Come let us join up our weary hands
tell tales of treasure and foreign lands
here in the water we'll play our parts
leading the charge with our beating hearts.

Come let us shake off our heavy clothes
down by the river where no one goes
fears will be falling like dominoes
where this is leading no one knows.
May 2018 · 482
I long for still and silent sleep
'neath rugged stone and pretty flowers
to lay in peace at turmoils end
as larks sing by the passing hours.

I do not long for mourners tears
nor wringing hands to mark my loss
Just quiet song to lift me up
from where I lay beneath the moss.

And once my soul has flown it's last
and bid farewell to those held dear
I'll whistle through the summer breeze
with joy that I'm no longer here.
May 2018 · 199
My skin is but a map of scars
a journal of all the times I have betrayed myself.
Raw emotion settles in silver lines
multiplying with every breath taken
in fear and rage at my reflection.
I write meaningless lines in hope of cure as I carry the weight of their shame. I let them go, to travel into the ether in hope of reply, of friendship, of hope that I am sometime seen. A doppelganger of my former self, I writhe and spit lines at shadows, the longing too deep to name, my loneliness a constant echo within the barrens of my mind.
May 2018 · 213
There upon the foamy waters
boats rock with silent ease
all about reflects the sky
forget me not blue
stretches the miles.
Hushed I watch the majesty
of simple lives
Under the toil of the sun
boatmen sing their nets ashore
shimmering with life
as though the dawn itself were caught
a single bell, chimes skylark sweet
keeping time with the rhythm of all.
Calling home calloused hands
to pretty parlours
where rest and the devil take hold.
Apr 2018 · 268
I am doomed to keep repeating
this hateful cycle, self defeating
bleeding red through open sores
set up to be deaths only chore.

These many coloured choking pills
that rush my blood but cure no ills
have taken hands too raw with pain
and bound them tight against the rain.

There is no finer love than this
between my soul and fires kiss
which burns my throat and scars my heart
while keeping love and life apart.
Mar 2018 · 508
I was made of glass
fragile and hollow by design
reflecting those around me
but never quite fulfilled.
I shattered, tiny fragments glistened
like tears
But still I felt nothing.
Sorrow slipped silently
numbing a soul hungry for all yet thirsting for none
I sat in darkness waiting
for you to see the sunbeams
glancing off the shards and think them beautiful
but you were blinded by so many splinters
that you could never imagine the whole.
Feb 2018 · 616
To love a poet
I did not hear your cries as I wrenched a thousand words from my breast, nor your protestations as my eyes recalled yet another deep magenta sky.
I did not see your tears of frustration as I marvelled at the world, singing at snow angels and harbouring the winter chill.
I did not feel your heartbeat leave mine as the russets fell
nor did I  hear you call my name over my frustrated sighs, and tempered ego.
I did not notice your silence
Until I saw you drowning as I described the water.
I can get a little distracted.
Feb 2018 · 520
My eyes will cry for you once more
when evening brings it's softened hue
in mourning now for love, adored,
left longing for the warmth of you.

The tears they will flow crystalline
to feed the sea at sorrows shore
this isolation aches my bones
and numbs my heart forevermore.

As daybreak cracks the wounded sky
I lift my face unto the sun
though time will heal these wounds,
You'll always be my only one.
Feb 2018 · 320
Hips crash, breaking waves to shudder flesh. In this moment we are each other.
Linked limbs give way to locked eyes as passions kiss moves south.
Hand clasped sheets ripple at the shores of our abandon while all time stops and stretches cat-like across our waking.
We are one and all together.
A cry splits the darkness, ragged breaths tear from swelling chests as finally sleep masters all.
Winter skin shivers as damp settles,
his troubled brow seeks silent shelter to sleep among demons. Triumphs and tortures muddied by time haunt the waking as they pass.
"There but for the grace of who?"
is uttered under the cross fire of blame.
Surely the grace is ours?
An outstretched hand, filthy with grief begs solace from the blind.
On his cheek a tear to shame the world.
Written after spending time in the city and observing the level of homelessness. The fact that homelessness is still an issue in today's society is abhorrent. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected.
Feb 2018 · 222
We are the darkness.
Smiling pretty as sinew is ripped from bone.
We scream silently into the fray our mouths stretched wide with furious scorn. Eyes blind to seeping sufference.
We are your echo, absorbed by shadow. No touch can save us, no words of salve to flayed skin will ever see us whole.
We are the darkness.
We live within you.
Feb 2018 · 1.1k
A wish away
If you were just a wish away
I'd call on every star
to bring you back from where you rest
to heal this broken heart.

If time were but a circumstance
It's whim not our demise
I'd stop the clocks to mark the time
I first looked in your eyes.

My wishes dim the starlit sky
'till dark are all my hours,
in knowing I will never find
A finer love than ours.
Jan 2018 · 357
Do you hear the voices?
They  whisper of love in open wounds.
They spit at my ears and wail at my image.
My mind a willing admirer of the cacophony.
They bring only black,
cracked and unyielding it lays against my monochrome skin.
Tearing at scars to bleed only ink.
Jan 2018 · 470
What shape this heart.
What shape this heart of discontent
Enlarged and scarred from battles drawn
Yet small and quiet as the grave
In silent hours before the dawn.
It beats within a crooked chest
It's keeps it's time with breath, forlorn
and promises with certain fate
It will be still one quiet morn.
I have recently been diagnosed with heart failure, so I think about my heart a lot nowadays.
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