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Mar 13 · 321
Time to say goodbye it seems
to all I've loved and held too dear
as fate has turned her hand again
and loneliness has turned to fear.

There'll be no saviour for my soul
no prayer to light it's leaving,
no bowing heads nor wringing hands
in sad pretence of grieving.

No more to walk this earth alone
No more to bare my sorrow
No more to dread with every eve
the promise of tomorrow.
Feb 25 · 224
I felt my spirit leave me
she danced with my last breath
she twirled to one last heartbeat
then stilled to mourn my death.

She only mourned in passing
as others would have done,
then faded with a whisper,
a hushed farewell to none.
Jun 2021 · 111
The sinner
I went down to the river
washed the sin out from my bones
let the current take me over
cut my skin on sharpened stones
I felt the spirit move me
as I tumbled through the black,
sent my soul to see valhalla,
it ain't ever coming back.

As my tattered body surfaced
I looked back unto the shore
and knew that in that moment
I was lost forevermore.
I lingered low and lifeless
in amongst the tangled reeds
just a body filled with whiskey,
broken bones and evil deeds.

Let the water wash me over
let it cleanse the flesh away
let it crush my bones to powder,
leaving nothing to decay.
Let me live in constant darkness
filled with rage and zealots fire
only then will I taste liberty,
the one thing I desire.
Jun 2021 · 52
You might think it silly
you might think it strange
you might think I'm crazy
or even deranged.
You can call me a hippy
a snowflake or worse
for putting my feelings
into rhyming verse.

My poems release me
from a world filled with hate
where everything's wrong
if its not white or "straight".
Where we persecute immigrants,
and  breastfeeding mothers,
the helpless, the homeless
and millions of others.

I yearn for a world
where we all live in peace
arm in arm with our brothers,
would we then find relief?
Or would hatred still flourish
in the smallest of minds,
passed down through generations
'cross the passage of time.

So, call me a Marxist, a snowflake, a hippie
call me a communist, bleeding heart leftie.
While you rail at the world with your ignorant view,
fearing all others who don't look like you.
I'll still be here like a thorn in your side
filled with love for my brother, with arms open wide.
Your hatred will fester, an insidious cancer
as you hoist up your flag and attempt  "Rule Brittania"
Jun 2021 · 134

Hold your breath, don't look down
take the pills before you drown.
Pretty hues, a rainbow cure
to salve your soul, to make you pure.

Sing your song in darkened corners,
use your light to help you through
let your mind be free of borders
feel no shame in being you.

Do not run from your reflection,
seek the starlight in your eyes
listen not to others leanings,
stand your ground, ignore the lies.

Then when you are feeling stronger,
your battle scars a faded dream
I hope that peace will settle gently
upon your brow to quell your scream.
Feb 2021 · 83
Out of the black
into deep blue
my soul swims
an ocean of tears
to a place of calm reflection.
Things I have lost,
places I've roamed
all distant now.

Echoes of a life shared,
the constance of a beating heart
are but strangers
now that fate has dealt her hand.
Stumbling through particles of time
within the overwhelming ache
of empty arms
I search for myself.
I left my partner of 6 years a couple of days ago.... guess I needed to write it out.
Feb 2021 · 96
Sunsets the hue of broken hearts
Cast shadows on my silent tears
how can a love lie down and die
when nurtured for so many years
The bell it tolls as darkness falls
its solemn tone beguiling
a final death knell on our hearts
that once were bold and shining.
When morning comes we'll wake once more
to maintain the charade
and hope to gather up again
the love that we betrayed.
Dec 2020 · 97
Little drummer boy
While sitting quietly where you lay
I heard the little drummer play
his beat went on forevermore
calling all young souls to war.

His beat it echoed o'er the  world
Come one come all you boys and girls
Be strong be brave, now is the time
to take up arms, to join the line

The little drummer silent fell
his call to arms a call to hell
no longer heard 'cross hill and glen
until the marching starts again.

I sat beside your grave and cried
for those poor souls sent out to die
in battle for anothers cause,
then spoke a prayer to end all wars.
Dec 2020 · 89
Absent friends
Won't you come and raise a glass
to faded faces from the past
to those we've loved no longer here
so missed around this time of year

Here's to the smile we'll never see
outside of hazy memory,
the echo of now precious laughs
ring out from faded photographs.

Here's to the memories I now hold
the lives I've loved, the stories told,
and the sometime tear that falls astray
for those I've lost along the way.
Dec 2020 · 66
A wish
I wish I had known you
before darkness came,
as the girl who danced freely
barefoot in the rain
but all of my sorrows
have wrapped me too tight
and left me at mercy
to the perilous night.

I wish I had known you
when my eyes were of fire,
all lit up with youth
and boundless desire
but that girl is now broken
held together by fear
and wonders if someday
She'll just disappear.

I wish I had known you
before fading to grey,
my hair like the autumn
my smile on display.
But my smile is an echo
that stirs in my soul
I wish that I'd known you
back when I was whole.
Jul 2020 · 272
The Sinner
She bore the sweetest lips I'd seen
and eyes of winter fire
her beauty lived within her grace
her soul lived in the mire.

She moved as winter strips the trees
with slow yet bold intent
and in her hands the hearts of men
were torn and truly spent.

She lay down where the nightshade grew
at many souls' behest
she took their love and lives the same
then laid her head to rest.

On summers nights I hear her call
a coldness at its depth
it wills me on to take my place
within the arms of death.
Jul 2020 · 264
Bow down your head and pray my love
For  all that's gone before
Rejoice and know that you are held
in love forevermore

The lark will ring her joyful tones
the bells will flower blue
while all the while my heart will mourn
this aching lack of you

Then when the final bell does toll
and all our hope is gone
I'll walk in darkness til we meet,
My ever loving one.
Jun 2020 · 205
I saw you today
for the first time in an age.
Troubles drifted off with the long summer breeze
and swept your hair from your understanding eyes.

I heard you today
and all the bells and birds
rose in symphony at your laugh
as the sun envied the brightness of your smile.
Mar 2020 · 434
In this quiet place I sit,
all alone, yet never quite,
to watch the twilight bleed the day
and bring the bounty of the night.

He comes to me as evening wakes,
His silent solace ever true
bewitched I fall into his eyes
and there I feel my soul renew.
Mar 2020 · 111
Hold me close, then let me fall
away from you and all I know,
leave me lonely where I lay
down where the water lilies grow.

Loathe my heart with every cry,
**** my eyes with every breath.
Rejoice! for I am happy now
within this sweet, eternal death.
Mar 2020 · 270
A walk in the woods
All alone and feeling free
nothing here to bother me,
blue as far as I can see
being all that I can be.

Walking barefoot on the ground,
not another soul around
a sense of peace is to be found
when the joys of Spring abound!
Mar 2020 · 118
I have no need of salvation
My soul is my own
It stands defiant
within this mortal shell.
It bleeds as I cry
Every drop a blessing
to those who wish me harm.

I have no need of forgiveness
I am humbled by my deeds.
I do not linger on every indiscretion
they are the flames from which I grew.

I have no need of redemption
I do not hear the voice of God
he speaks not of my virtue
but I will raise my face to his
as surely as the sun rises to mine.

I have only the need for love
rare and precious in its truest form
yet deserved by every being.
I will accept no less, nor ask for more.
Mar 2020 · 522
The little bird no longer flies
she sits and mourns her broken wings
her tattered feathers, faded now
will never feel the breath of spring.

She sings now for the life she lost
a silent sweet lament
such sad refrain, if heard aloud
would break the hearts of men

The little bird falls quiet now,
Her end is drawing near
and not a single soul will know
that she was ever here.
Mar 2020 · 129
Oh how her tiny wings flutter
against my heart,
her sorrow mine.

All encompassing love
could never hold her.

She exists within summer whispers
with never a cold touch to her soul.

Beyond beauty she flies.
Never to be held,
Lest she falls apart.
Feb 2020 · 112
Buried in my shroud of tears
I walk among the ******
I count the souls of dreamers past
Upon my weathered hands

There'll be no solace in my name
no mercy at my feet
as daylight crumbles into dark
your soul will cry defeat.

Yet should you feel my icy touch
and hear my ragged breath
fear not, for I will hold you close
in sweet unending death.
Feb 2020 · 123
For the muse
Amidst the rich tapestry of our dreams
We walk side by side through the dark
Each longing for echoes of lovers long past
Both blindly in search of a spark.

Through turmoil and riot we stand apart
Our silence a sumptuous repast
To those who would too gladly dance on our bones
and witness each breath as our last.
Sep 2019 · 169
How should it be said?
Should it be written in pretty prose?
Signed with blood, distilled through memories of  initial carved trees
and passions spent
Should it be told within the stillness of a whisper
Or with joyful cacophony ?
Three small words bring me to stumble,
while all the while my eyes betray the thousand words needed to describe your beauty.
Do you see me now?  my heart aflame, held within my quaking palm.
A smile alone could free me from this incessant torment.
Your voice brings rain, summer sweet and oh! how my world awakens in your gaze.
Sep 2019 · 250
Too long have I suffered silently
within a silken chrysalis of deceit
Today I rise in bejeweled glory
soaring above all that has rendered harm.
Above the black I glide in colour
my truest form revealed.
Such joy unbound has come to pass
My heart sings at its revelation!
"I am more!" I cry to a thousand singing echoes
"This world is mine and life, it's best reward!"
Sep 2019 · 129
Silent codes
solemnly whispered
halt the silent scream
burning in the throats
of stronger men than I,
who care to remember
days free from the abyss.

souls reckon amongst scrolls
of all that is lost.
I find myself adrift
on strange tides
time no longer a concept,
brings a primal urge to destroy.
Sanity now a hopeful myth
Pounds at my brow
with circadian flow
banishing emotion to vessels unseen.
Jun 2019 · 328
Blindly into the black
Sensations muted
this patient
impatient, in-patient
writhes with silence
infested with love
yet tempted by the void.
Seeing all.
Feeling none.
A state of delusion beckons
Serotonin downers
melancholy malaise.
Survival is key.
Jun 2019 · 299
I am scattered shards
many prisms
rainbow hues
cover black.
Blue ovals,
white circles
seek cures.

Words run deep,
cutting trenches
through scar tissue
best forgotten.

Untouched too long
by happy hearts
the broken self
Will sing once more.
May 2019 · 420
The ink in my blood.
He moves within the darkness
time slips and drips at his behest
while I, alone, become prey
caught within the glare of infinity
cascading now into doom laden cries.
Dark promises slumber, then tumble wildly
from lips too moist with rage.
He is the needle and I the ****** skin
He is every screaming sinew, stretched and drawn
He is the lie I tell myself
He is the ink in my blood.
Mar 2019 · 496
A kiss in d minor
Play me a tune with the bluest of notes
Sing me the words in your heart
Bring me to tears with the lilt in your voice
bury me deep in your art.

'Neath a blanket of stars with your sad guitar
Courting the moon in her prime
the simplest of gifts you bestow to her glow
A kiss in D minor, sublime.
Mar 2019 · 219
A first bloom
gold against green
proud headed and upright
swaying slightly in the March chill.
Oh such cheer in her countenance!
A presence of mind
breaks through frozen earth
leading a crescendo of life.
Abundance abound!
Beautiful as a glimmer in a childs eye
She cheers on the dawn.
Its finally spring!
Mar 2019 · 178
To my depression.
You mean nothing to me
You are but a whisper
playing upon my conscience
twisting the sacred curve of my mortality
Until all around me burns.
Ash collects the tears at my feet
while you dance gaily in their wake.

To you I am everything
Your first, your last, your always
I am suffocated by your darkness.
Drowning in despair beyond measure
I scream for you to leave
while yearning for something more.
Your touch, subtle, yet forever damning
will bring torment to my wanton flesh.

We are all to each other.
Mar 2019 · 205
In praise
This goes out to all the anchors
The ports in storms.
The friendly smiles
the quiet hugs and handholders.
Those who brave the darkness
for the smallest ***** of light
are the most precious souls.
Feb 2019 · 327
Like the coming of the seasons
Expected yet revered
the tide whispers in
bringing with it
the cries of the oyster catchers
to soothe my weary brow.
Foam twists and wanes
rushing to my form
only to turn tail
and reappear within a ripple of time.
This water holds my soul
She heard my raging birth
as I heard her raging heart
We are connected
My turmoil hers
her turmoil heavily mine
as the moon sits uneasily
upon her horizon.
Feb 2019 · 216
Whispers surround me
my name murmured
in a thousand dialects
though I am alone.
Blue sky thinking
black sky despair,
unpleasant bedfellows
for a corpse.
Hope lies steadily,
her icy depths temptation,
her followers below
glad eyed and grinning.
I am loss eternal
I do not beckon to the light,
I only live within the black
of my heathen creation.
Jan 2019 · 266
Tears fall like rain
scarring skin
as my heart breaks in two.

Who am I?

Swirling in a maelstrom, deepest black
as bruises form unseen.
Hands tremble like leaves
reaching for purchase
grasping for the last vestige of light.

All are beyond me now
Touch, a distant memory.
Sympathy tilts in time
with broken clocks
as impatience looms large
on my souls horizon.

Blood drips its crimson path
tainting all and maiming none
as temptation laughs her last
at my broken shell.

This night, too long to sing of
will not be my last.
Jan 2019 · 210
Hold me tight against the chill
Bag my bones and bind my eyes
then lead me down to where you sleep
to lay amongst your pretty lies.

Whisper to me hymns of pain
Bind my hands with silver twine
then do your bidding, as you will
for there is none as sweet as mine.
Dec 2018 · 247
Words like knives
issue violence
beneath dreams foretold,
a thousand sorrows
etched by slumbers hand.

"all is not lost"

a bitter platitude now
as I merge with the stillness.
My shoulders heavy with silence
I wait.
Dec 2018 · 365
Never gone ( Cathy's song)
Did you hear me whisper
through the rustling of the leaves?
Did you feel my kiss up on your brow
as I swirled among the trees?
Did notice how my love for you
shone with the midday sun?
Although for now, we are apart
we'll always be as one

Did you hear my happy laughter
in the babbling of the brook?
see my eyes among the bluebells?
won't you take another look?
Did you hear my song sung gently
with the stirring of the pines?
a song of longing for the day
when your heart lives with mine.

I will search for you on rooftops
when the moonlight lights the tiles
I  will search in each reflection
for the light once in your eyes
I will dance with every passing breeze
and howl into the rain
until you come back home to me
to live in peace again.
I was reading Wuthering Heights a while back and became obsessed with Cathys obsession with Heathcliff. So this poem is dedicated to her inspiration.
Dec 2018 · 249
Christmas Cheer
The tree is decked with tinsel
the house is full of light
we sit around the fire
on this holiest of nights.

We sing our hallelujah's
praise the little baby born
then wonder at the magic
of another Christmas morn

The table's overflowing
the champagne sparkles bright
the gifts have all been opened
and there's not a tear in sight

We open all our presents
laid out for all to see
under the glittering branches
of a laden Christmas tree.

Then with some wine we snuggle down
our spirits filled with cheer
and raise a glass to absent friends
so missed this time of year

And when the day draws to a close
Its plain for all to see,
The greatest Christmas gift of all
Is love and family.
Dec 2018 · 177
I tried to die tonight
I opened flesh to scarlet ribbons,
cast in your shadow I bled
as you stood and watched

I tried to die tonight
a new concoction swallowed
rainbow hues for the weak
as you sang a lullaby

I tried to die tonight
you shouted hallelujah
and I was ****** forever
within your gleeful cry.
Dec 2018 · 223
You shoot words like bullets
Tearing me down
Every sentence delivers a blow
harder than the last.
You hate these words I write
they sit upon your heart like scar tissue.
"Not good enough,Never were
Never will be"
Your mantra will echo eternally.
You know not the damage you've done.
Dec 2018 · 154
I lay here, alone
pushing in pins
feeling my form disappear.
Years spent searching
as blood seeps slowly
sickly sweet
against craving skin.
I will walk in shadow,
when dawn breaks.
Time will snap these hollow bones,
folding my soul
into butterflies
as flight takes hold.
This final girl
will be no more
than she has ever become.
This will be my triumph
Nov 2018 · 170
Storm damage
Dark days brought me here,
ragged and blown I stand within the devices of my fate
My roaring mouth wide, yet silent
against the cacophonous background. Brittle now, this heart of splendour
as flesh is drawn from parchment bones
revealing only words, their rhythms forever etched into my echo.
Nov 2018 · 632
The drowned
There are no stars tonight
the sea, granite smooth,
whispers secrets to the shore
as it sits in wait.
Cliffs green with moss appear grey
and lend shadows to the silvered sand.
A lonely cry splits the dark
fading swiftly into the hush.
All boats are silent now
haunted by the sirens call,
they hold their breath
under a sliver of moon.
Silence rules the landscape
as the drowned take breath.
Nov 2018 · 120
The art of letting go
Blow a kiss and let me go
bid tempestuous fairwell
Such lies have passed these trembling lips
the truth of which I can not tell

Stand and let my shadow pass
through evening shades, to darkest black
Soothe my soul to sleep once more
with tales of never looking back.

Then **** my love to deepest hell
though countenance may break your heart
and break our spell to set me free
to live in peace now we're apart.
Nov 2018 · 274
String my heart with daisy chains
and lower me to peace
to lie in wait for mercy's hand
to bring my souls release.
The nightingale will sing her song
to mourn the passing day
as flowers linger up above,
themselves in sweet decay.
Nov 2018 · 306
He keeps her heart locked in a cage
to which he lost the key
he keeps his own heart filled with rage
for all the world to see.
Nov 2018 · 287
I sang a song of tears for you
It echoed from my aching spine
and whispered with the moonlit breeze
Oh sweetest love, won't you be mine?

And should this sweet song reach your ears
Across the ageing, tired tide
I beg that you will take your heart
then hide it swiftly deep inside.

For though I covet it's caress
upon my helpless, weary soul
I fear that I will turn it black
and leave you nursing but a hole

So I will sing my song of tears
and mute the echo with my heart
where love, she blossomed once in vain
there now lay thorns and broken parts.
Nov 2018 · 217
The pain is subtle at first
A still whisper of solitary words
Stitched together with pulling scars
and stained pages.

We weave the night,her mysterious follies
take shape against our reflection
keeping score for the needy
while damning the meek.

Bravery reigns as sword touches flesh
etching fears to woven rhyme
blood let in letter form
a release to all who know death.
I'm in a really dark place at the moment and finding it really hard to write. Please be kind! x
Nov 2018 · 278
She comes to me in whispers
her feet treading water above silvered shards
as her cerulean stare pierces the dark.
I breath in the atmosphere
as her chill sets my lungs to burn.
Both fear and adoration fill my mind as beauty in it's bleakest form, beckons.
Jul 2018 · 444
Starlings (2)
Starlit starlings sleep unfettered
settled now in treetops high
when dawn awakes they'll join the chorus
Waking all with joyful cry.

They'll take to wing across the skyline
and charm the clouds to a whispered sigh
Come evening they'll return with glory
Weaving waves into the sky.
I have starlings nesting outside my window, they're a very noisy yet beautiful sight
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