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Aug 2014
Grey is my pain(t)
Smeared on this tain(t)

Seeping in(k)
Entanglement be my kin(k)
Now I thin(k)
Soon I will sin(k)

My mind ramble(d) on and on
Struggle(d) till I'm almost gone

Overused angular frow(n)
Paint over the brow(n)
That had (s)oiled this painting
(Sp)Oiled by sporadic inking

The (ch)ink in my skin
Sung of battles that reside (with)in
My armour though(t) sturdy
In(side) I only bury


Plan(t) my feet
Swift is my flee(t)
Envision my escape(s)
Beyond the cordoning tape(s)

Shed the armour and reveal the s(h)eep
My vulnerability hid(den) deep
Let loose... The courage I hone(d)
Let them be heard... Voices that groan(ed)

I await... Patient(ly)
Time I bide... Defiant(ly)

Fade(d), bleeding away
Shade(d)... With gloom that stay

Grey is my pain(t)
Only colour, tinting my tain(t)
Written by
ryn  πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬
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