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Jul 2014
I've got a loss of words,

I feel nothing but everything
and I'm not sure what it is

but nothing is quite right
but then again, nothing is quite wrong

I think I've lost my mind in the
thoughts of..

How can I be so blind?
Who am I again -
whats your name?
look at the stars, they shine so bright.

Get out of my head
I want to get out of my own head
please lets not do this

You're a beautiful boy, I love you
I hate you
who are you?
hold me close keep them away

I can't do this I want to die.
I feel nothing,
I want to feel.
This is what I was going through, A bad trip with my lover while we were on shrooms. It was the worse experience I've ever had. While on them, I was tempted to walk into the middle of the street of traffic because on shrooms, you cant feel pain. My head was gone I had temporary lostΒ Β myself.
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