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Jul 2014
Still walking the road with numerous turns, unexpected twists
and transitions that needed and were destined to transpire.
Some where along that road came hope when I felt all was lost;
came also understanding that I've always been my best friend.

Looking back to less than five years ago when I was homeless.
It wasn't the best of times in my life; but, forever unforgettable.

If I could create a headline it would read:

Thrice disabled, abandoned with kids housewife & soccer mom
forced to leave a home so loving restored with her own hands.

Doors of charities I'd been so generous to, slammed in my face
by very same hands and smiling faces that took my donations.
Where were all those warm smiles when we were in need?
We were denied shelter at places intended to house homeless.

Rude treatment, having possessions stolen and treated badly;
That became a way of life, none of us had ever known.
With no place to live and no one who would lend a hand in area,
we settled for making a home for a few days in our vehicle.

Drove to a different county.

Authorities knew; gave permission to sleep under a bridge.
Gone are those days and never to return to me or my kids.
That time in my life showed me that I'm emotionally strong,
and the only person I can truly count on in this area, is me.

Looking back at how far I've come, I'm proud of me.

Betty Ponder
Written by
Betty Ponder
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