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Swain Alexander Mar 2014
Sitting in your chair by fire's light reading poems you wrote.
Your words sparked memories of unforgettable shared times.
I was taken back to the night you sat near the warm hearth...
in diaphanous gown.....writing on delicate parchment paper.

My mind captured that lovely vision of you lit by fire's light.
I was always envious of that secret journal you were keeping.
I wanted to violate your privacy & read your secret thoughts.
Never did & never would....I have your journal in safe place.

Found humor in your poem.....wasn't intended to be flippant.
I found the sheer genius of your words my gorgeous love.
Your words never fail to weave amazingly crafted.....
heart felt & thought provoking stanza in the key of life.

I love you Pet & I'm deeply flattered you wrote a poem to me Betty Ponder
Swain Alexander Mar 2014
I think about you at day break & as the sun sets.
When I should be sleeping............I think of you.
I'd love to share my life with you again.
A few of a zillion reasons....I love you as I do.
First and are easy to love.
Would not love you if you were full of yourself.
We can talk all night & I'm never bored.
Love your comfort level in new situations.
You ooze genuine confidence Pet!
I can guarantee I'd walk away if.....
you turned gossipy busy body &
worried about what Jane Doe was doing.
Love how you keep focus on your own life &
could care less what people say about you.
You live in positive mode 24/7.  
You face your problems and fears head on.
You never deliberately try to inflict pain.
You don’t spend time with people who
**** the positive energy out you.
You got looks, brains, personality &
many talents....
You're unique & special
Betty Ponder!
Swain Alexander Mar 2014
It's Sunday....sitting in the chair you had to have.
Staring at my favorite portrait of you on the wall.
Never will it be moved until your request love.
This chair will always be a sweet reminder of you.

Betty Ponder, even your pics leave me breathless...
I loved having you on & in my arms.  

Sitting in the same chair where you fell asleep...
me reading my own versions of bedtime stories.
Same chair, me watching through half closed eyes..
you seductively dancing & singing sexily for me.

Feeling a thirst only your presence can quench...
smiling & remembering.
So ****** adorable & completely irresistible...
loved carrying you to bed.

You are sugar, spicy & everything right in life.
You are excitement I never knew I desired.
You brought me happiness beyond expectations.
I love you so much & always will!
Swain Alexander Mar 2014
Release your full passion upon me ma sorciere bel ete.
Embrace me & hold me in your woman hood forever...
Never set me free.
Only you are yin for my yang....we are moon & sun.
We were never two ships that passed in the night..
You are my everything.
Release your heat and lust upon me ma sorciere bel ete.
My hearts dreams come true...was & is you.
I am forever lost in you.
Bind my heart to yours with invisible chains de l'amour.
I am your willing captive love......I never sought freedom.
Betty Ponder...Je t'appartiens pour toujours!
Swain Alexander Mar 2014
Asked myself a zillion times...Why you?
I always receive the same reply.
Found in you what I was missing...
in what I thought was a full life.
From the moment I looked deeply..
within your beautiful brown eyes.
I knew love....
From the moment I heard you
say, "Hello there! Are you following me?"
You captured my heart and soul...
hook, line and sinker.
I saw a genuine class act with a very nice caboose.
You were worth the risk of threats of beat down
by chivalrous sailors and suits.
Thank you for telling them I was no threat to you!
You were gorgeous with truck walk...
How could I not follow you Nubian Goddess?
How could I resist irresistible you?
You make me feel like I can soar high...
You make me feel as if I can move mountains.
You are the reason I want to breath...
My eyes find pleasure seeing you.
My ears hear only your **** voice.
My hands enjoy the softness of your skin.  
My nose loves your body's scent.
My body finds endless ******* pleasure...
in the heat and passion of yours.
You stimulate every part of me...
my mind, my body, my heart and soul.
Betty only love....
You are the wish my heart made.....
you are all I could ever hope for.
Swain Alexander Mar 2014
My belief in holy matrimony...
depends on you my gorgeous Pet.
Waking to find you gone brought
tears to eyes that rarely cry.
I'm sitting here...looking at your portrait.
Staring at a ring...nestled in an antique box.
Inherited courtesy of Gram's will.
Same ring I placed on your finger....
after kissing you...under moonlit sky.
I never married...never seriously dated.
Why? Never found anyone like you.
You are the one I can never forget.
You are the one that stole my heart
without trying.
You are the love of my life
and always will be.
Would I ask you Ms. Betty Ponder
to marry me again?
Without a doubt I would.
My dreams are always of you.

Swain Alexander Feb 2014
Not the *** Rated vers. I wanted to post Pet!* [smiles & winks]

You love are my reason I desire to see mornings....
your gorgeous face haunts & enchants my mind.  
I can sense your heart beating in amplified fashion.
Awakening from dreams.....your pillow is still vacant.
That Valentine's day & night we spent together...Incredible!
Loved the way you served up my breakfast in bed.
Love how you saved all my gifts....I saved the pics I took.
You posing bare on that bear skin rug by the fireplace?
******!....Seductive!....Delicious image!.......Unforgettable!!
Had to stop typing remembering your lust filled voice....
still love our way of enjoying strawberries and cream.
If we were a couple would we top that love?
We'd find a way Betty are the reason I breath.

The images I captured will forever be for my eyes only.

Happy Valentine's Day Pet,
My heart is yours forever love!

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