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Betty Ponder Jul 2014
Still walking the road with numerous turns, unexpected twists
and transitions that needed and were destined to transpire.
Some where along that road came hope when I felt all was lost;
came also understanding that I've always been my best friend.

Looking back to less than five years ago when I was homeless.
It wasn't the best of times in my life; but, forever unforgettable.

If I could create a headline it would read:

Thrice disabled, abandoned with kids housewife & soccer mom
forced to leave a home so loving restored with her own hands.

Doors of charities I'd been so generous to, slammed in my face
by very same hands and smiling faces that took my donations.
Where were all those warm smiles when we were in need?
We were denied shelter at places intended to house homeless.

Rude treatment, having possessions stolen and treated badly;
That became a way of life, none of us had ever known.
With no place to live and no one who would lend a hand in area,
we settled for making a home for a few days in our vehicle.

Drove to a different county.

Authorities knew; gave permission to sleep under a bridge.
Gone are those days and never to return to me or my kids.
That time in my life showed me that I'm emotionally strong,
and the only person I can truly count on in this area, is me.

Looking back at how far I've come, I'm proud of me.

Betty Ponder Mar 2014
Dear Alexander, this isn't another "Dear John" letter! : )
This is my letter to a very sweet guy who is my friend.
You are still my trusted confidant after all these years.
I share with you all the things I never share with most.

Each day I wake and begin my day with positive attitude.
Meditating under darkened skies before light kisses earth.
Feeling cleansed and well rested after meditation session.
Hoping that thing in my tree isn't the Devil from Jersey.

Yes, that large, dark, silent and winged figure visits still.
When I caught sight of him, I actually pinched myself.  
Closed my eyes and he was still there; maybe it's lonely.
Trying to find humor, this isn't covered by animal control.

Sealed with a big hug,

Betty Ponder Feb 2014
You were the dream maker lacking impediments and I the wanting of nothing.
Hesitant heart of mine leery of blissful nature of love thou bestowed upon me.
Whilst thou who is handsome of face and perfection of body lay in slumber's state,
took flight in night and prayed I would not waken the keeper of frightened heart.

T'was you my gallant knight who stole  my heart when least I wanted or expected,
t'was you who brought light to the darkness of dreams and made night terrors fade.
You who never questioned where I'd been but sought to bring out the best in me.
Life with you my kindred spirit was near perfection with never a dull moment.
Betty Ponder Jan 2014
Originally posted 10-7-13 Deleted repost*

Forever standing by a princess trapped in the primative land called "Killer of Dreams".
In you "she" sees that light at the end of tunnel of darkness sent from heaven above.
To you "she" is the sun, the earth and all in the galaxy that's right in your world.
To "she" you are that one of a kind and rare being who is deserving of eternal love.

You sit by shore in palatial abode atop mountain but not part of valley's kingdom,
patient like no other since the creation of man brave descendant of Adam's Eve.
Against odds, "she" finds small rays of light in desolate land filled with raw hate.
Jailer dares only visit desolate place of hate briefly but keeps "she" captive resident.

Sharing life's continuing dance of when will she re-start and if he will stop loving?
Enchanted day(music's fading), "she" will at last finally select life's destined partner.
Burning question; Will it be you handsome brave knight who sits upon his charger?
Unknown! She loves you but "she's" the searcher and seeks what feels right to her.
Betty Ponder Jan 2014
I admit it, I kinda sorta knew that since childhood,
what your title implies might be the gospel truth.
The day that thought made entry into my head,
was one warm rainy day in my a kindergarten class.

Very content was I playing games with the others,
many young men of age five and six did appear.
Shy were they mainly but some were quite bold.
Said one, "You're pretty Betty, we like your bow!"

The boys went not to far away and along came girls,
who wanted that bow because the boys liked it.
One girl went so far as to take it out of my hair,
my tidy ponytail was no more when it was removed.

Thankful for the boys who acted as gallant knights,
they came and took back bow, then off went the girls.
Later in day I told me my mother about the incident,
she said, "Jealous girls and the boys like you Betty!"

My father was informed, he smiled, kissing my forehead.
He said, "Never change who you are and always be you.
No matter what you gain in life somebody wont like you."
He hugged me then we went outside to look the clouds..

All went well with the producer
g2g, smiles to you and peace out!
Betty Ponder Jan 2014
By the time you read this post I'll be extremely busy as usual.
The kids, long conference calling, mtg with my producer, etc.
It's a fun and exciting life; but, much hard work and long hours.
The hard worker you are knows well the full picture I'm painting.

Thanks so much for sharing and trusting that I'd understand;
in this very public way no less, I do believe you to be truthful.
I read your warning about what she was saying on cl about you.
Rants isn't the only section where people post twisted truths.

Hard to believe anyone is still so bitter after nearly three years.
Did find amusement in her belief she's entitled to your cards.
Been to or know of  many of those places she mentioned; unreal!
Her time would best be served seeking higher wage employment.

To answer your Q regarding: how many marriages and my stalkers.
In prison, one is released, others: now dead like my first husband.
His father passed, he disconnected and became a very broken man.
Been engaged four times and actually walked down the aisle twice.

Being engaged is one thing, me saying the I do is different story.
I've been asked for my hand in marriage countless times.
If you've forgotten my views on celebacy: re-read my poem on that topic.
Hope that answers your questions regarding what you asked.

g2g! Have a good day and w.s.u.i.w.l.m.
Betty Ponder Jan 2014
Seven score and eleven years after the Emancipation Proclamation;
I'd like to thank my community for finally acknowledging his memory.  
Wanting to view historical document written by Rev. Martin Luther King,
logged on and took a virtual trip to our ever expanding National Archives.

His views on day of historic speech, "Heartwarming to see this marvelous,
gigantic group of people here from all over the nation to give witness."
I'm giving credit to ABC news for being allowed to hear the man's words
from his own mouth without having to read them in black and white.

There's no argument in regards to race differences and that we the people,
have miles to go before we are at similar mindset in climate of opinion.
Spotlight should shine brightly on how far we've come as we the people,
away with all the negatives of no hopes of ever achieving racial harmony.

If MLK were alive today he'd see many positive changes and would see
his dream is still alive and well though we have miles to journey's end.
Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King, you are appreciated as we honor your day.
I have many reasons to thank you and all who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

My children are allowed to attend any public school they wish without fear.
I can now sit in the front of the bus without fear of arrest or a mob beating.  
There are no laws preventing me from front door entry of public buildings.
Thanks so much! I'm free to date or marry any person of any race I choose.

The list above is just a small sampling of all the changes his life evoked.
I'm thankful he was gifted to our planet in period of time he was needed.
He is missed by the planet and those of us who are grateful that he existed.
Dr. Martin Luther King was true Visionary with foresight to see great things.
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