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Matt Morgan Feb 2014
I'm keeping my word.
Did not post this on Valentine's Day.
If I could find a card that sums up my feelings,
I'd buy it and one for each year I've known you.
Never thought my cold heart could change.
Happened when I met wonderful you.
I had closed my heart and given up on love.
You know my story, no need to post the whys.
Seeing your picture in the paper years age
compelled me to go to see that play.,
You were dancing and singing your heart out.
You were the short one with gorgeous face
dancing harder than any at front row center.  
I sat in my seat and could not look away.
After show mingle found you
felt sad when I lost sight of you.
Bought tickets for every night of the show
just to hear you and see you again.    
Destiny made your friend Jana my neighbor.
Day we met I was tongued tied, you knew it.
Thankful you weren't shy.
You asked me to meet you for a walk.
Place has changed but it's still there.
The day we walked and talked was the day
heart melted and you blew me away.
I visit all the places we shared time together.
The night we went to P. Reef lounge
and danced until last call still felt surreal.
Neither one of us had been drinking.
That night I knew I'd fallen head over
heels in love with you Betty Ponder.
I still am.
No pressure BUT
Hoping you accept my invite
to meet me you know where.
No ring in pocket this time.
I do so swear and promise. : )
Matt Morgan Dec 2013
I want you to take as long as you need to decide what you really really want.
I want you to make your decisions without pressure from me .
I want you to know there's no need to starve yourself back to a size zero.
You are special and always the right size to me and I love you unconditionally.
I will love you to my dying day and I've never cared what others thought of me.
I know you know that but I wanted the one who wrote a nasty poem to know.
Not a poet and know it and know what's in your pure and unprejudiced heart.
You are sweetest and the most interesting and fun lady I've ever met and you
still are the only one I want to read to, have snowball fights with and sit by a
warm fire to to stop the chills, spend endless hours talking to, the one with the
gorgeous smile that brightens my day, the one who I love seeing walking in
without an appointment, the one I always put calls on hold for, the one who's voice
makes my heart race when I always answer your calls, the one with the musical laugh
that I can't get enough of. You are the one I want to be in my life even if we are
just friends. You gorgeous one are worth waiting for and growing old waiting for.
All I want for Christmas is your happiness now and forever Betty Ponder.
Never ever forget this, you are the only one I'd eat tofu with and for AND
you are the only one I will ever call a beautiful storm that blew me away.
Matt Morgan Nov 2013
I'm slow to the boil and takes a lot to **** me off.

WARNING: Stop reading if you dislike vents.

A truth we all know but WONT discuss IS race relations in America *****!!
How did it come to all this open bigotry and so many stupid racist comments?
****** shame that my race still don't get that ALL people are created equal.
Maybe other regions get it but not my area with it's tons of racists.
In my area people believe all blacks lie, steal, cheat, live in ghettos,
black is the wrong race and white is always right and superior. BULL!!!
I will never be ignorant and speak ignorance like I hear in my area
"Ship them back to Africa their homeland!"  
Wake up! Africa is everybody's motherland!!!  
My dander is up because stupid racist bogus flagged a video of a friend.
Not bad enough they call venues so the lady can't get a local gig or they
posted bogus mugshots of convicts on Craigslist faking it was her.....
ATTENTION people from Northern Michigan: YOU PEOPLE NEED TO
****** she's proving she doesn't need Northern Michigan to get her music heard?
Calling venue to get her fired and lose jobs didn't stop her from singing.
You can't flag this and to remove like you did on Craigslist.
I stopped posting on Craigslist after all the **** talk about my friend.
She got targeted by ignorant racist assuming ALL black women are like the
Kerry Washington's character on Scandal. Betty's not a bed hopper and
she doesn't ***** around with married men. I can't speak for Kerry Washington.
Betty doesn't speak ghetto talk as my area calls it and she's not like the stereotypes
racist paint all blacks to be. Blew their minds that Betty's a hell of a lot smarter than
them and she's not lazy, ignorant or the N word they love calling blacks.
Fed up with the racism in my area, Northern Michigan and the nation.
****** because anonymous ignorant went to Youtube and flagged my friend
Betty Ponder's new G-rated video for inappropriate content and got it removed.
Inappropriate content my ***!
Matt Morgan Nov 2013
I never thought I'd write not one or two but FOUR poems about you lovely lady.
And what a very special, unique, kind, brave, intelligent, gorgeous,
strong, sweet, exciting, fun, funny, and did I say a special lady you are.
You know what you want in life and you never bore me and you're no gossip.
I Know you have busy life but already missing the one I want most.
YOU ARE the one I want to spend my time with no doubt about it.
Smiling thinking of kissing and want to plant soft tender ones on your full lips.
I LOVED the long late night talks and sharing of our hopes and dreams.
And Betty hours passed and sun rises and it feels like our talks are too brief.
Asking you to think about what I said and never forget the words.
I think about the moment you stole my heart and my world change.
Still knocked for a loop and dazed by the dynamic beautiful storm you are.
Even if we remain just friends you are a treasure and unique godsend.
Matt Morgan Oct 2013
You showed me that to be an honest person with loyal friends is
better in the long run and you're right being lied to sickened me.
I had your trust and was deceived by invisible net personas role playing.
You showed me that faith in ones you grow to love isn't lost forever if
you right what lying outside forces wrong and don't wait too long.
Forgive? I was wrong about who someone was and pray you will.
Remember you were deceived by the same role playing net personas.
Learned my lesson and done with being that patsy who was gullible.
Matt Morgan Oct 2013
I could call you the queen of hearts but what would that mean?
Does being queen of hearts mean all men fall for you? Maybe
Honored I know you sweet lady who I came to admire years ago
and know you to be brilliant and a lovely person inside and out.
You came into my life out of the blue like a beautiful storm
bowling me over(loved it) and me not knowing what hit me.
So glad we met and hope to make it for keeps or what you want
even if it continues to be a deep, honest and caring friendship.
Betty Ponder you are a lovely, one of a kind and special lady.
Matt Morgan Sep 2013
You left me standing alone at the airport ring in hand.
I was going to ask you to marry me but didn't ask.
Mainly because you were excited about leaving
Could not bear seeing you conflicted to stay.
You boarded the plane sadly I got in my car.
Driving to the bay I knew what I had to do.
I was angry and sad but knew what had to be done.
I threw that ring in the dark waters of the bay.
This special lady is worth zillions times more than that ring.

— The End —