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Dezi Marshall Jan 2014
I think I'm YY's 4 U
I know we R not meant 2 B.
U asked me,
"Y, Y, Y  U don't love me?"
I asked U,
"Y do U text & call 24/7?"
I need space.
I want 2 sit on the beach alone.
I want 2 walk alone.
I want 2 go dancing with other men.
I don't want U n my face 24/7.
Breaking up is hard 2 do 4 U.
Breaking up isn't hard 2 do 4 me.
Phone rings.
I.C. caller I.D.
No surprise! It's U!
I don't answer.
Changing digits?
EZ on both of us.
If U C me,
walk by like U don't know me.
U go 2 Europe
I stay home.
U meet a new love?
Good for you!
EZ 4 me 2 meet a new love
if U R happy with her.
I meet a new love?
very easy 4 me.
EZ 4 me & all like me
because we R women. : )
Dezi Marshall Oct 2013
I don't think it's possible to be too pretty.
When you're pretty you don't get ignored.
You go to the front of lines and get freebies.
You get the best guys and the best of life.
There's no such thing as being too pretty.
Dezi Marshall Oct 2013
Men who I wont date are better off asking other people out.
"You're a real looker!" That's what I'm told and I like that.
Long brown wavy hair falling down my back as I walk.
I get guys who come up to me wanting to touch my hair and
get a very close look to see if my face is that pretty and real.  
It's nice to be asked out by guys I like and ones I wont date.
When I'm shopping and I'm checking out clothes in size zero
I get guys coming up to me asking me if they can buy for me.
What's not to like about that being the girl who is picked first?
At dances I never sit one out I have guys falling over themselves
just because I'm a very pretty girl and there's nothing wrong in that.
Big question is if I was a plain Jane would I get guys who want to
buy me sports cars, Bahamas trips or be their sweet little sugar baby?
Dezi Marshall Mar 2011
Rise early
turn on light
day's beginning
hoping it wont rain.
Day is now at an ending
haven't broken to news
to my soon to be ex bf.
Breaking of his heart
wasn't exactly plan
Need to do this
trust is gone.
Told him
time to
Not a great poet but love poetry

— The End —