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Jul 2014
Childhood dreams, detailed and cherished,
Youthful ideals, concepts of destiny
Slowly discarded, cast aside
Off-course, anti-catharsis

Devolved in a simmering cauldron
Of so-called detritus

Perception's considerable door
Care-fully cleaned
Care-freely swung
On silent hinges at dawn

Approaching dusk, against the jamb
Corroded, dust-caked-cobweb ports
Psychic day-to-day crap

Hope crawls through filament drawn tight
Contrived devices, filters and screens
Oozing in, despite the ever-contracting slits
The cocoon we have descended into

A spark, an entity detects the tiniest crack
Strikes the door, shattering, dissolving sub-conscious
To delight, cosmos, ethereal, infinite
With apologies to William Blake,
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1793
Written by
Bobuel  64/M/Shangri-La
   Nicole, ryann, Cunning Linguist, r and ---
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