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ryann Dec 2014
the dilemma, if there is one,
which comes first
love or lust ?
i've always concentrated on my animal instincts of lust
but felt second skin in love
no neat stanzas with the answers here
just riding a wave
a good feeling here
a tug of desire there
lust has a certain texture
love is more velvety a feel
kinda rambling here
maybe rub up against me a little
let's see what that turns into ...
just got back from a surprisingly **** trip to Iceland. guess they gotta do SOMETHING to stay warm :)
ryann Nov 2014
grip, bang, flash flood rains
i'm soaking wet electric
my hardware gets fried each and every time
you grab my face
metal and flesh, tangled hair, enmeshed
you worship at my altar,
on your knees, so gentle, discreet
head bowed in prayer to the comfort u find there
this moment’s fully submerged
waiting for the water to break so u can breathe
sound returns; the air cuts clean
back to crashing waters
a separate you and me~
ryann Oct 2014
you **** me
with the way you
come and go
in and out
of my life
you could always stay
stay for some tea
or a stiff drink
and maybe we'll remember
why we started this whole thing
or not...
  Oct 2014 ryann
He'd been closing more doors
than the ones they'd agreed,

so she emptied the drawers
and she readied to leave,

when he asked her for why
she said look at that sky,

that's the breathing space
my lifetime needs.
ryann Oct 2014
i wish i knew
how you do
these things you do
that make my insides
turn to goo~
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