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Bobuel Jan 2017
Transcend Mode

. I did it in the pool one hot night. I floated with a noodle under my knees. I had earplugs in, and it was clear and moonless. I listened to my heart beat. I listened to the stars. I scared myself at one point. My eyes were  unblinking. And I remembered when I had last felt like that.

Have you ever heard of massage being transcendent, as a modality? I looked transcendent up, it means go beyond.

I think there is a threshold of intensity that overwhelmes my conscious self. I thought of it as a test, how far can I go.

At that time I felt less and less like myself. The word is irritated.  Skin crawling. I was hiding my tremor because I was scared of the unknown. I couldn't hide it from you

I left my body. I don't have good words, the experience I reconnected with in the pool. I'm not sure how much of this existed only in my head, that I wanted that experience.

So, anyway, the last appointment was transcendent.
Bobuel Jul 2014
Childhood dreams, detailed and cherished,
Youthful ideals, concepts of destiny
Slowly discarded, cast aside
Off-course, anti-catharsis

Devolved in a simmering cauldron
Of so-called detritus

Perception's considerable door
Care-fully cleaned
Care-freely swung
On silent hinges at dawn

Approaching dusk, against the jamb
Corroded, dust-caked-cobweb ports
Psychic day-to-day crap

Hope crawls through filament drawn tight
Contrived devices, filters and screens
Oozing in, despite the ever-contracting slits
The cocoon we have descended into

A spark, an entity detects the tiniest crack
Strikes the door, shattering, dissolving sub-conscious
To delight, cosmos, ethereal, infinite
With apologies to William Blake,
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1793
Bobuel Jul 2014
on a hot
summer night
from a
The speed
is incredible
Warp 1,
miles per hour
the C in e=mc^2
Bobuel Jun 2014
Methinks thy critique 'as been
a rite of passage
to cherish!
A response to some of the feedback I've seen on this site!
Bobuel Jun 2014
Stumble upon the edge
betwixt cold despair
and a smile
Feeling the options out... Ten words
Bobuel Jun 2014
a feeling,
a sensation,

then two years ago
my leg started
I couldn't even see
it stopped before I looked

it got a little stronger
one day I saw it
move on its own
more insistent

I stopped it by looking
like intimidation
but it was just gaining

one doctor, two
it was on a roll
It took concentration
to gain control

diagnosis after
exams and  test
just a description
tre mor per sis tent

then my arm and hand
drugs prescribed
one, two three, more
to no solution I embibed

if I'm busy there's no room
for it to succeed
it just takes advantage
when my brain is freed

sleep is the worst
or just trying to read
it has taken the ability
to relax and be me

and then there's attention
people can't help to see
I don't, I can't hide it
cause it is not me
When I was young I could beast a fast rhythm with my foot; is this what it became???
Bobuel Jun 2014
Rain removes chalk art from a sidewalk
Thoughts are removed from my mind
Energy concentrates in my hands
My soul yearns for peace
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