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Jul 2014
To your song, I dance
Winds so soft and free
To your tune, I sing a song
Mezzo-soprano voice
To your sunshine, I awake
Upon a bed of pine needles
To your melody, I am free
To your voice, I will smile
To your words, I say
Thank you
Even though it seems trivial
And for all you do
I take out my cello
And gently place the bow
Against its trembling strings
'Tis all I can do in return
And softly like the falling rain
I whisper "This is for you"

For All Of You Who Have Encouraged Me
In This Time Of Deeply Felt Sorrow
Especially The Following:
Of Course, My Mom & Dad...
You Two Are The Sweetest Sweets Ever!! :) ~~~~<3
CA Guilfoyle...Your Messages & Words
Never Cease To Inspire Me!! :) Thank You, Cyd!!
Andrew Durst Whose Messages And Poems
Encourage Me!! :) Thank You!! ~~~<3
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza Whose Words
Are Very Comforting!! :) ~~~<3 Thank You!!
Zoe Who Posted Bible Verses On My Page Yesterday
& Tried To Be Of Support!! :) ~~~<3 Thanks, Sweetie!! ~~~<3
Gautham Kandula Who Tried To Suggest Things To
Get My Mind Off Of The Sorrow I Have Been Feeling...
What Can I Say? Thanks A Bunch!!
And Last But Not Least Sirs Richard Riddle
& Atul Kaushal!!! :) ~~~<3 Thanks So Much
For Encouraging/Supporting Me...Y'all Have Been
So Kind To Me!! :) Thank You!! :) ~~~<3
And To Everyone Else Who Has Encouraged Me
In Times Past About The Death Of My Aunt,
I Say "Thank You Bunches"!!! :) ~~~~<3
Written by
Marian  Faerieland and in my head
(Faerieland and in my head)   
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