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May 2014
The Hills Are Alive!
Alive I say indeed!
They aren't biased, or judgmental,
or are they filled with greed!

The hills are alive, enjoying each day as they come,
they don't mind the feet that tread on them,
it doesn't make it worrisome!

The hills are alive,
can you hear their sweet melody?
Well, sad thing is, I bet you can't,
if you're only stuck on the Telly.

Zut alors, what sad bunch we've become,
when we need someone to tell us,
(us!) that we don't have to be dumb.

Of course we don't,
none of us do,
but what do they say then,
when they happen on something new?

Gone are the days,
where vigor and work was required,
now we're only used to,
being beckoned or be sired!

The hills are alive,
and they weep,
weep I say!

As they watch the playful children that once were,
now inside they stay.
It's a shame,
a shame,
when the hills must really cry,
when all they're good for now,
is a peaceful place to die.

Let it be no more,
it's time to change,
and venture out through (indeed!) the door!

The Hills are alive!
Can you not hear their call!?
Or are you tuned out to the music,
the sweet music of it all?

Let it not be so,
my dear, dear friends of mine,
go out, breath in and out!
Enjoy the blessed sunshine.

For the Hills are still alive,
well and waiting patiently,
for the one day,
or more,
to gather children playfully.

The Hills are alive,
so why aren't you?
Written by
Nomad  Between Here and There
(Between Here and There)   
     Jayanta, Auss, ---, Joe Cole, Pamela Rae and 1 other
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