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Apr 2014
prices for car insurance and registration are too dear
when we part with our dollars we cry an odd tear
there is little or nothing we can do about the rising costs
they make on our finances such outlandish imposts

seemingly our money supply is dwindling away
as all we ever do is fork out dollar after dollar to pay
the days of owning a care shall come to an end
we've not enough money to handle this friend

those of us who rely on a car in the countryside
are not getting a good insurance or registration ride
horse and cart transport we'll have to rejuvenate
as the cost of keeping a car on the road does exasperate

to-day at the motor registry they'll be a lot like me
who'll be miffed with the ever increasing fees
we'll have a grumble and a bit of a whinging session
about how these costs can leave our wallets in recession
Elizabeth Squires
Written by
Elizabeth Squires
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