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Mary R Short Jun 2014
A smile for a kind word shared
A tear for secret burdens I bear.

A smile for the beauty surrounds
A tear for these two hands bound.

A smile to show I'm doing great
A tear because I know my fate.

A smile to cover up the pain
A tear, I'll blame it on the rain.

A smile so you will never see
The tears inside are drowning me.
No really, I'm okay (trust me)
Mary R Short Apr 2014
Caught in your own trap.
Who's the spider, who's the fly?
See what happens when you lie?

Weave your web so tight
Twist it up it becomes your noose,
Beg your demons to cut you loose.

Aren't we having fun?
It's all a game we love to play
Until its done and you must pay.
It's all fun and games until someone loses their head.

-With love from Ms Spider
Mary R Short Mar 2014
I'm still picking up
The broken pieces of me
Be gentle this time
Mary R Short Mar 2014
I knelt down
To scoop you up
With empty hands

Then watched fascinated
As you dripped through
My fingers

With a playful grin
I stripped down
And dove right in
Mary R Short Mar 2014
In the shadows of branches
Without leaves
A lace pattern in the snow
Footprints of little birds
Before a stray cloud obscures the pale sun
The moment is gone.
Mary R Short Mar 2014
Yeah I want to spit on you
You horrid worm beneath my shoe
You will do as I tell you to
Struggle squirm and suffer

Want to hear you say my name
Smear your pretty face with shame
Useless toy, you're all the same
Screaming crying pleading

Now clean it up, you're such a mess
Ripped and stained that pretty dress
Then toss you out with all the rest
Gutter refuse garbage

Wiped that smile off of your face
You don't exist, you've been erased
Vanished now without a trace
No one nowhere nothing
Don't read too much into this one, I really have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote it.
Mary R Short Mar 2014
Make me
Your sustaining breaths

Let it out
Let me
Be a release

To drink deeply,
Give to me
The longing and thirst
We share

Eat it up
I am here to

Need me,
Now read it from the bottom up.
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