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Mar 2014
I've seem many things, felt a lot more,
I never quite got over my role in the Great Time War.

So I decided to flee,
In a blue box where my past would be far away from me.

Even when I would die, I'd just come back again,
With more burdens and scars for me to try and mend.

I often sit at the edge of space and think about all that I've done,
The sacrifices I had to make and the promises I broke, to protect the people who dwelled on the 3rd planet from the sun.

I'm a doctor, who can't even save himself,
My hearts are heavy and it's beginning to effect my health.

I've lost one person I really adored,
She was always so delighted to just go through space and sore.

But now she's gone,
I've lost an amazing pawn.

Although I'm a doctor, I can't heal everything,
I suffer too great and I'm not even able to sing.

All I'm able to say is Allons-y,
There's nothing much more I could tell dear Alonso.

Now I sit alone, on the edge of my blue box,
Watching the Earth go through another equinox.

I am the last Timelord of Gallifrey,
And here on the Earth I will stay.

Because here I am needed,
And with all my power I will keep the Daleks at bay.
Edward S
Written by
Edward S  Isolated from the World
(Isolated from the World)   
       HT, unknown, Rebecca Lynn, Kimberly Weber, --- and 1 other
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