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Edward S Jan 2016
You could say from a glance that my life is fine and care free,
But the world and its inhabitants are not what they seem to be.

I guess you could say Im a wreck,
And that all that is alive is the lamp that casts light on my desk.

Nothing is ever how it seems to be,
And Its so hard for you to see.

The massive effect that you have on me,
The constant mask that still obscures my ability to see.

It seems that even now you still have a hold,
Even after we have both sown up these emotional wounds that
Still tend to rip open and spread the cold.'

Yes, I have her,
But I am still struggling to be released from this blur.

We have spent a year and a bit together and everything was a hit,
And now we have sadly split.

I honestly am done with the constant mind games you play,
With you always switching between wanting me to go and then stay.

Well as the sun goes down on the Earth today,
This Bridge between us is burned and frayed.

Our worlds are separate and will never be anew,
We float on our own little islands out in space we both know this to be true.

I have her,
And you, someone new.

I wish you all the best,
Now set me free of this mask and let the pain ease in my chest.
Edward S Jun 2015
There is no way to put this into words,
Without my vision fading into a watery blur.

She was a small rodent friend,
She was there through the dark days and into the light of the days that were mended.

I always took her for granted, to always be there and just sit on the ledge and listen to me,
But after her passing last night, and as I saw her take her last breath, it pained me to see.

Death does things to you, it ratels your thinking and stirs a big storm in your head,
It makes you think that there is no good days ahead.

In fact I know there are good times ahead, but she will always be in my heart,
Every single moment we shared right down to the start.

With all this death I sit and cry, this poem probably doesn't make much sense,
But the pain I feel is immense.

A good friend of mine, is sort of on the run,
I've known him for years and he's always been like a brother to me, but now he said goodbye.

He told me that he was going away for awhile, and I sat down and cried,
He said he had to go, because everything at home was going bad , with that he gave a big hug along with a sigh.

Before he went, he pulled from his pocket a gold pocket watch,
"This here, is one of my favourite things" he said as his fingers ran over some notches.

He held it out to me, and smiled placing the golden object in my hand,
With that he hugged me and just like that he was gone, stepping out into what seemed like a new and promising land.

And I'm left here, feeling alone,
As the rain hits the cold earthy stone.
Edward S Mar 2015
Tick.. Tick.. Tick,
There isn't a single word I can say.

I've been trapped in the prison of my mind,
With nothing but a chair, desk, a type writer and pieces of aged paper.

For months now I've been trapped in that prison,
No flow of words or rhymes dancing in my head, that part of me was dead.

I couldn't even bare the thought of breaking free, I had the power to,
But then again I decided not to.

I have caused so much to happen, and so much has happened with me,
Looking at myself, the effects.. I begin to see clearly.

My hair is tangled and dry like bone,
Dark shadowed eyes look like the darkest of stones.

I've let my mind go, it being run by a false advisor,
Now that I have broken free, I begin to see.

That there is a struggle I have, and so do most,
What makes me so different? I'm nothing more of them a ghost.

One who was trapped and caged,
Now coming back to me again..
Is a writer who needs to understand.

That life does not stop for anyone,
Nor does it go as planned.

Im growing up and my heart can't do anything but break,
And now I await the final wake.
Edward S Mar 2015
It has all been burned,
The storm has just returned.
For many months my skies were clear of grey,
And now here, they are blocking the light of day.
Another army marches forward towards my own side,
Screaming in disgust and wishing my own demise.
The picture is disrupt, it’s too dizzy in my head,
Why did the cloud have to come haunt me for something I hadn’t said.
Everything is crashing down,
If this goes on there will be no more sound.
A sound wave lost in the echo,
Only to land upon the ears on the sparrow.
I will be nothing more to who I was a year ago,
Broken, scarred, beaten, and buried deep below.
In a dark cavern blacker than Hell,
I don’t want to be ruled by one who mocks me and rings a bell.
I don’t know what to do anymore,
I had burned all these memories and old lore.
The people who are fostered can no longer save me,
I’m left with only broken audio waves stuck on repeat.
Do I wanna know? If anything is worth saving anymore?
Is it still considered pain when it reaches and destroys your core?
On this dark breezy night, I sit upon the fire escape guitar in hand,
I utterly had no idea that this was planned, it’s life wanting me to understand.
As the sky falls on this city, and the fog roles in,
Silence is all that is beard within, she’s ready to strike, to allegedly attack him and protect her own kin.
Edward S Aug 2014
In my past works you have seen my struggle,
My constant battle with love, evil emotions and humanity,
But now this is all about to end,
Fore as soon as I shatter this old mural and repaint over it,
Then my new beginning begins,
A Life nor governed by fear of the unknown,
Surrounded by music that makes you dance,
Art that make no sense to most but only does to some,
A dash oh blue, and a pinch of green,
Triangles, Squares, Rhombuses, and Stars,
A brush stroke here, and a squiggle there,
The Demons are gone, and happiness is here to stay,
Its the Coming of a new Age,
Where people don't need to cry lightning,
This is it, the new life,
Keep on fighting and let happiness in,
My dear friends, it is a glorious world past this dark tunnel,
I've left the gate open for all of you to come through,
May my works from now on be full of awesome new things and ideas,
This is it.. the last brush stroke,
Now it is finished the old mural has been painted over with raident colours so bright,
Like shining stars and galaxy's throughout the night,
When in doubt pick up you're brush or pencil and make art,
Don't you care about what others say, that piece of art is yours and a reflection of you,
This is art, that is art, we are art,
Just keep breathing a little longer, and follow it all through,
Keep on fighting, fore that is what me must do.
Edward S May 2014
He wears a breaking suit of armour,
Now, a lone wolf soldier.

Standing upon a fortress wall beginning to shatter and break,
It can no longer be held by wooden stakes.

In front is an army that decided to team up,
No longer do they want the door shut.

His army's almost dead,
As a crack of thunder and lightning dance overhead.

The world is being set ablaze,
As the sky is scorched with fire and haze.

Slowly the army nears,
The lone soldier fights to hold back his tears.

He can't bare this much more,
He just want's this to be forgotten, like old lore.

As he falls to his knees, he takes off his helmet and begins to scream,
Why can't this be just a dream?

A distnant nightmare that dosent have to resurface,
Like a pencil mark, easy to erase.

The sky begins to fall and the ground begins to shake,
His mind is begining to break.

He gets back up onto his knees and stares at the distaster around him,
The army marches toward him and they begin to shake their limbs.

He grabs his helemt and his weapon,
As he deals with the tension.

He sees it, the lesson they wan't him to see,
As he hears the broken melody.

It is no longer time for fun,
All that he hears in his head is the word:

Edward S Mar 2014
I now walk along the moonlight path alone,
For I have to walk alone along this path made of stone.

For I am known as the one who saves people from the battle within themselves,
I'm the one who helps them see the days leading up to  when they hear the sound of their wedding bells.

A traveler, someone who helps but expects nothing in return,
No love, no compassion, nothing.. I don't think I'll ever learn.

Not to make so many mental ties with the ones I help,
All I can do now is cut the loose strings and cover up the close brewing yelp.

To you my friend, you've been set on the right path, your getting the freedom you need,
Your no longer held down by the ground anymore, your a new sunflower, a very strong seed.

You know I'm here when ever you need me,
Your lantern won't die, I'll be back faster then you can see.

For you my friend, the one who can't trust life anymore,
I now walk with you on my back, I know one day your wings will heal and you'll begin again to sore.

To you the one with red hair,
The one from a different element who never really cared that I was from the air.

I will help being you back to the lightened path,
You will be able to walk again with the help of my walking staff.

I shall help many more and ask for nothing in return,
But I hope that when I grow old that I was able to learn.

That when I sit and face the sunset in my hobbit hole by the sea,
I hope that they will just end up remembering me.

But for now I must walk,
Because now I'm silent, I am no longer able to talk.
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