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Feb 2014
My Mama's Cooking Is The Best
She Cooks And Bakes Me
All Kinds Of Delicious Foods
Such As Scalloped Potatoes,
Ground Turkey Meatloaf,
And Even Tuna Pies
She Bakes Me
The Sweetest Cakes
And The Most
Mouth-Watering Pies
She Makes Them All
By Hand, Of Course
She Kneads Her Bread With Ease
Delicate Lily-White Hands Caress
The Bread Dough Laying Before Her
She Makes And Bakes
The Best Meals You've Ever Heard
So Now She Has Less Time
To Make Those Delicious Foods
And I Am Beginning To Miss Them
And So Is My Hungry Stomach

Hahahaha!!! XD
I Miss Some Of The Meals My Mama Used To Make!!! ~~~~~<3
And Now My Aunt Hasn't Been Feeling The Best
And Weighs Only 60 Some Pounds
My Mom Has Been Trying To Help Her
And Hasn't Had The Time To Fix Those Same Kind Of Meals!!! ~~~~<3
This Poem Is Dedicated To My Mommy!!! (: ~~~~~<3
I Hope She Can Make Some Of Those Same Dishes Of Food!!! :P ~~~~~<3
Also, This Poem Is Inspired By Hello Poetry's Very Own Weasel
Who Suggested I Write A Poem About Food!!!! (: ~~~~~<3
So To My Mommy And Weasel
I Say "THANK YOU, DEARS"!!!! :D ~~~~<3
Hope You All Enjoy This Random Poem!!! (: ~~~~<3
Written by
Marian  Faerieland and in my head
(Faerieland and in my head)   
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