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Bailey Kreutzer Dec 2015
To me love,
Is an enigma.
Ive never seen it work.
A tooth and nail battle,
Between who's to blame.
Its always outside its cage,
Wreaking havoc,
Causing pain.

To others love,
Is a rising sun,
So beautiful in the sky,
But if you're early,
You must wait,
And if you're late,
You must wait to try,
A whole other day.
The concept of love as seen through the eyes of a young girl with a life of questionable quality
  Dec 2015 Bailey Kreutzer
Part I

Where flowers grow and sway
And where dew kisses their satin cheeks
Tall trees provide shade in the hot summertime
And breezes rustle the forest leaves.

Stars twinkle and wink at Night
Happily so merry and gay
And the Moon watches happily o'er
This beautiful enchanted place.

Coblestones provide such a lovely walkway
Leading to the pretty cottage
Where tall rosebushes climb
The trellis where at Night their buds unfurl.

Such beauty that *ONLY
Jesus can create
And as I stand here gazing at the beauty of Nature
I think of the Holy Creator Who made this whole world
And I think of how Jesus smiles while looking at His creation.

Bailey Kreutzer Nov 2015
I'll never tell you how I feel
the way I've lived my short years
Smile of the lips, cadence in my walk
I'm never honest when you want to talk
Ill say this and that, but my words will lack
Because what I mean, I always take back
I'm not trying to be mean, with you I'm not mad
Just right now, my thoughts are rather sad
I'll never tell you how I feel
Bailey Kreutzer Nov 2015
When you've lived for others.
    You forget~
to live for yourself.
Bailey Kreutzer Jun 2015
Within each other
  they found home.
Bailey Kreutzer Jun 2015
The rain drops fly.
The clock ticks by.
But she is still awake.
Bailey Kreutzer Jun 2015
Sometimes I find,
That it is harder to decide,
Than it is to do.
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