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Jan 2014
Once bitten,the poison intensifies.
Once fallen,the angel cries.
Once corrupted,a nation dies.
Once betrayed,Revenge survives.

Look at you,
your aggravated agony,
it flows through you,
the lust for indemnity.
You no longer hide,
the pain,it outlives you.
The humiliation inside,
Revenge,it seeks you.
Regain the selfish pride,
else suffering,it awaits you.
At long last you must decide,
if not,
this sense of shame,
it'll **** you.

You couldn't hurt a fly,
now you must dispose off the swarm,
it would only be fair to try,
and cause a bit of harm,
to those who hurt you,
to those who deceived you.
Time for bitter coldness is nigh,
enough hiding in the warm,
it won't help you.

No friend or foe,
shall follow your quest,
alone you are now,
do what you are at best.
Think not,follow instincts,
for all that thinking has slowed you down.
Your conscience is your enemy,
for all that morality,
has made you look like a clown.

Its the very code of life,
do unto others,
what they did to you.
Mustn't you suffer,
for such brave men are few.

Follow your heart,
finish what they started.
Crush those cretins,
for the vile they crafted.

Go out there,
show them what you're made of,
with all that scheming and plotting,
there's nothing to be scared of
so unshroud your fears,
abandon your courtesy,
put the fear in them,show no mercy
Shaurya Pal
Written by
Shaurya Pal  India
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