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Mara Kennet Nov 2020
She arched her eyebrow,
bit her lip
and got that open skirt slit
she loved that lens. it loved her back
But fame like life. It fades to black.
And maybe fame finds its demise
but real talent never dies.
Mara Kennet Sep 2020
I am writing you,
Whoever it may concern,
My traitor, my murderer, go on…
Write those words of Lethe
Dead rivers are cruel but do not last
I am dying slowly without you
But with you I am dying fast.
Some people buy tickets to Rica
Some people climb Everest
Some people burn sage and do Wicca
Some people put feelings to rest.
Mara Kennet Jul 2020
People were scared of udagan
she talked to the birds they talked back
people cannot see and despise those who can
she cooked plantains and drank brack
She was a modern shaman
Her lips were catching morning dew
she lived on river Nyoman
she talked to the animals
drank birch tree brew
walked the trails
didn't trim nails
her spirit animal was a grey fox
and some people said she was a hoax
Some called her old but oh udagan
she did not care her life just began.
She was just fasting and was thin and pale
she knew  her age was nothing on the Universe scale.
Mara Kennet Jun 2020
pandemic has been everywhere
in my mind
in my heart
in my purse
in the shape of flask,
this is the easiest task
People all look the same in the mask,
Let me think this is you
walking there down the street
I'll keep 6 feet away
but my feeling will stay
my feeling will stay
Mara Kennet Oct 2018
The ancient people were scared of gods
I am scared of nothing
I am scared of everything
being a child you are scared of Baba Yaga
being adult, you are scared of love, death, prison, cancer, AIDS and many more
the ancient people were scared of unfamiliar things
and we are scared of things we have been researching
I am scared of nothing
I am scared of everything
death, famine, abandoned children
gods, have mercy
if this is your currency
I am visiting bank on Mondays
I give them money, they give my dog milkbones.
gods are still silent
I am still ancient
I guess...
Mara Kennet Sep 2018
Love is a euphoria
An abstract drawing
A smelly ammonia
A constant pneumonia in my chest
And later withdrawal
The feeling was put to a rest but the
Soul is still mourning
Mara Kennet Jun 2018
You're still disturbing
You're still bothering me
Skin on skin
Lie on lie
Light on light
Flight or fight
I have chosen the flight
I can't fight so I write
I cannot write to you
So I write to nowhere
I cannot be with you
So I've been everywhere
I tried this I tried that
I fall down and regret
Then I raise and proceed
I've been hurt so I bleed
I cannot talk to you
So I talk to the tombs
Angels listen and smile
I give pennies to boms
I am beggar myself
But I won't beg for love
You're disturbing to me
But I am good enough
By myself
It's my wealth
On skin
Page on
There is nothing to loose
I put feeling on snooze
You're still bothering me
Deep inside in my throat
To tongue
Tooth for tooth
Eye for eye
Laugh for love
You're still bothering me
Love's like permanent dye
I can grow some new roots
But old colors wont die.
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