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Nov 2013
Simplicity* was never our strong suit... We fought all the time.
It was always over the little things-- the wrong dish detergent, laundry, life?
Couples fight, sure, and love was supposed to be able to heal that but what happens when love is not enough?
What happens when your heart leans in one direction and his already flew off to the other side of the country?
Timing* was never our thing... We always fell in love at the wrong time...
It was always a battle with you -- I didn't love you enough or you didn't love me and it was exhausting..
You were so exhausting.
Because you had to have things perfect right?
Like those fairytales... Except sweetie, you're not a prince and you've lost that charm.
I'm also not a princess and I make mistakes... I make them regularly..
And so I asked you, what happens when love isn't enough to heal this heartbreak?
*You walked away.
Written by
Brianna  Nevada
   Nat Lipstadt, Carter Ginter and ---
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