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Nov 2013
I should've built a bridge before I tried crossing your mind
because I'm falling fast with no safety net to catch me.

Your body looks stable, but inside your head
I find you are completely reckless.
Crossing any path you've built in there
is like walking through a mine field.

But I'm looking for heat;
Some sort of explosion or spark
to light up your mind with the thought of me.

And I've come to think that stepping on a bomb
wouldn't be too bad because then I'd scatter
all across your brain and you'd envision me
anywhere your mind wandered.

I'm practically as bad as a nocturnal bug
too consumed in the temptation of the flames
to heed the danger that comes with such a fatal attraction.

Mine fields may be for the mad but I think bridges are for the meek.  
And so I madly walk on wondering when I'll find the right misstep
that will ignite the fire to blow your mind.
Kimberly Clemens
Written by
Kimberly Clemens  Life's an adventure.
(Life's an adventure.)   
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