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Oct 2013
As the light fades, and the darkness settles over my room,
My thoughts are engulfed by you –
A woman whom has encapsulated my struggled journey through this world…
She, who received my heart and simply kept it –
So, I watch as the sun sets on this day,
Flickering against the porch and the clouds above -
Fading over my horizon, and shedding light on the beginning of yours…
I reach for the fiery embers and dissolve into the sea of orange and red,
Melting into the sky, in search of your beauty –
Bursting ‘cross the shores, crawling over the ebbing tides,
Erasing shadows, meticulously illuminating each minute morsel, each delicate droplet of life –
The arrays pouring over your skin, as I soak into your golden brown complexion,
Seeping deeper and deeper, layer by layer…
Flooding your body; saturated,
I am a part of you, I am now yours -
This poem is for Jing, the woman I have met through poetry and love through delicate words...
Nick Durbin
Written by
Nick Durbin  Ohio
     Pamela Rae, Creep, Adele, ---, Zoe and 36 others
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