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Mar 20
Who am I really?

What makes

What's true to my being

Versus what people see?

I'm a masked player

Up on the stage.


But set in my ways.

I'm tired, but restless.

Energetic, but fatigued.

I endure all the miles

to cope with my needs.

I live in the mountains.

But I was born by the sea.

Adobes and sand dunes

Are where my spirit flies free.

I molded a mind for mountains

But I've grown a coastal soul.

I find comfort in warmth

But I thrive in the cold.

I'm reserved, but friendly.

Instinctively shy, but kind.

Introverted from the start

But I edited my mind.

I seem to know everyone.

I was taught this was the goal

To be a socialite

And avoid being alone.

I'm a determined dreamer.

I strove to achieve

The expectations of others

But, I've found what I need.

I present as outdoorsy

But I'm a nature girl at heart.

How people may see me

Was wild from the start.

I animate and write.

I love creating art.

To make is my nature

Something I can't depart.

I'm beautiful

But I act pretty.

I'm goofy

But present as witty.

I'm passionate

but stoic.

I'm thoughtful

But overthink it.

I'm a philosopher who's distracted.

That's why I repeat.

I rewrite wisdom

To help guide my feet.

I act confident

But I was born insecure.

It took many years

To uncover my "normal" form.

I'm a willful wanderer.

I'm timid but tough.

I can trek so far

Not knowing what's enough.

I attach to attention.

I tend to crave more

Of the love people give me,

But detach from what's adored.

I want the consistency

Of a level and linear coastline.

But I crave the novelty

Of meandering mountains at times.

I'm a starving artist

Who feeds on motivation.

I'm here to support

But I need to be supported.

I'm creative

Because I struggle.

I'm strong

Because I'm weak.

I'm an explorer of mountain peaks.

Internally, I'm lost and curious.

I explore many thingsΒ Β 

That pique my interest.

I'm easily overwhelmed

But I'm an adapter.

I'm disorganized

But I'm a planner.

I'm a mentor

But I could be someone's mentee.

I'm a good listener

But I need someone to hear me.

I'm sensitive and empathetic

But sometimes apathetic.

I'm emotional and kind.

But I often feel numb inside.

I want to be capable

But sometimes, I’m unable.

I'm so often sentimental

Because life is unstable.

I've shown submission

To disguise my difference.

I've circumvented confrontation

To achieve some acceptance.

I was a late bloomer.

But I've pruned and grew flowers,

Flowers grown to hide my thorns.

But I uprooted and found power.

It's hard to collect my thoughts.

But it's easy to collect things.

So much in life changes.

But my things remain the same.

My achievements alone do not define success.

My best effort is my success's foundation

Through my effort alone,

I am a champion.

I dislike change

But change means growth.

If I'm not growing

I'm dying at most.

I'm interesting

Because I'm different.

I'm unique

Because of my interests.

I'm forgetful

But I'm hard to forget.

I'm easily flustered

But I've learned to reset.

I love birds.

Because, I long to be free.

I want to fearlessly fly

To be freely me.

I'm easy to get along with

But once hard to understand.

Now I'm learning myself

To show who I really am.

I'm a wonderful ******.

Neurodivergent from the start.

I am awesomely Autistic.

And I have a good heart.
Learning to unmask and discover who I am.
Josephine Wild
Written by
Josephine Wild
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