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Sep 2013
Some people make it seem  so romantic and some would probably say I'm guilty
of exploiting it as well.
Well let me be the first to tell you there's no glory in burning out.

I live my life and to excess of course but it's not my mission to overdose or end up splattered across
Death isn't a choice it's a promise and to fear it is to worry over breathing its just part of the game folks.

The **** I write about isn't a fantasy or what I believe its like I've actually lived it.
And  out of a handful of people I know I'm lucky  enough to say I'm still here.
I cant tell you how to live your life and honestly I don't ever give a **** how you do.

I've done most every drug known to man  and some of them are rather overrated  
to be honest that's why I prefer *****  mainly because I really don't trust putting **** in my system made by people who look like they haven't slept or washed there *** in  two weeks.

Yeah cokes real good **** you stay paranoid as **** and if you get a good taste for it
it'll **** you bank account and your heart  but it is good to have on hand for picking up strippers.
Hey I'm just saying if you go to the woods to hunt animals you probably use bait.

Well my hunting ground is probably a lot more comfortable than yours but hey
whatever gets you off.

Where all checking out sooner or later but don't ever fall for that delusion that
getting out early  is ******* romantic **** if  I had pulled the trigger when I was a miserable ***  
teen I would have really missed some overrated times and some hot chicks who just
happened to lower there standards yes be used is kickass especially when you get a
happy ending out of the deal.

Live it as you will not as others would prefer cause only a spineless candy ***
plays it safe.

I write a lot of crazy **** cause I live a lot worse crazy ****.
But at least I have ******* fun.

Sure you can say **** it all  to this world.
Or you can really **** the ******* off and shake **** up till they put your ***
in the dirt.

Me I'm going to  go down with the ******* ship.
A drink in hand  and laughing like a madman the whole way down.

Cause nothing ***** with the ignorant worse than a son of ***** that just wont
stay down.

Cheers hamsters.

John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo
Written by
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo  Shady Pines NC
(Shady Pines NC)   
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