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Sep 2021
It is not a quaint construction

Nor is it easily read

But as you enter willing by my own hand

you feel like you will fall endlessly

into the gaps,

not sure where you'll land

And if this viral way of thinking

gets in your head

And you start to feel at home here


You are always a welcome member

But like the rules of physics are twisted by unforgiving machinations

And reality also with the wielding of imagination

What is possible is

look and touch but

Do not expect you will not to be chided or derided

I reserve all my failings as your own

That's what happens

when you untuck the gray matter in here

You lose your bearings

And I'm in control

I own the red herrings

You are left senses reeling

Mental overload

You cant see who I am in the dark

You can only assume what I'm feeling

Words cannot describe

And I dont care for your descriptions here

What ever your tribe

Don't graffiti over my art.

Dont judge what's on display

You won't have to mind your manners

But you will have to find your own way

Just as you found your way in and maybe out

I never forced you to take part

I didn't try to **** or raise your doubt

I didn't ask you to sing my song

While it swims around your head

But I'm sticky like that

And I'm slippery too

I dont stay on one side or the other

And dont placate or back down

I dont think straight or bent

Here in this space I create my world

And you are just another visitor asking for rent

In a place already filled

And that's the magnificence of it

there's always more space to go around

I didn't hijack your head

I laid it out and you fed

You took it in

You made it


Or an


I just write thoughts

and leave them lying

around as notes.
Some say careful!

Some say careless!

I say we couldn't care less if we were more careful
S Smoothie
Written by
S Smoothie
     S Smoothie and Imran Islam
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