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Jun 2021
Twinkle twinkle my little star
How I wonder how you got that scar
Up above the world so high
I could hear your silent cry
In this lullaby
Let me tell you a story
It's not a mystical fantasy nor just a legend spread by many
It's nothing but a harsh and cruel reality

I once got off on a damaged road
And met this child who wore a tattered coat
No slippers on his ***** foot
On his back was probably some loot
He got somewhere in the neighborhood
The cemented path was scorching hot
Oh how could I forgot?
It's 40 degrees outside and I could see sweat dripping down from his face non stop
How could I bear watch him that way?
So I approached and say if he want some ice tea
The child nodded with his tiny head
I led him to sat on the grass at the nearby park
Talked about things that made me upset
Things that snapped by bottomline thread
With a muffled voice he pretended
To be fine as he recalled scenes that made me shuddered
Who could have known a child who should be in kinder
Is working his bones for what?
A money so meager it couldn't cover his meals for dinner?
It hit me
Blindfolded eyes that couldn't see
That Jack and Jill did not just went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Needeed some lumber
Till the soil for the cucumbers
Catch some fishes at the river
Dig the goldmines deeper
Lights flicker, it's time for supper
Only noodles for the tummy
Where is empathy? humanity?
This was a result of poverty
Lack of responsibility
And a deaf society
His name was Juan and Juan got a sister
Who was so lovely it became her tragedy
Caught the pervert's attention
Made use of her innocence for exploitation
Robbed her dignity
She couldn't care less for your sympathy
She needed for you to stop being a silent somebody
Itsy bitsy spider
Spunning webs on tiny rough fingers
Cover the nose, chemicals in the air
The sharp tools beware
Take good care of your welfare
Ah, why do they have to bid farewell?
To stardust dreams? To fluffy teddybears?
To have notebooks instead of burdens?
To play hide and seek instead of running away from the grim reaper?
Open your eyes, people!
This is nothing simple
This is not a fairy tale
They are our children with stories to tell
Stuck at the deepest layers of hell
Being slaves to demons who don't give a care

It's time to row row row our boat
Gently but quickly down the stream
To rescue Juan and his sister
And a million more who we owed
Childhood memories and sparkling dreams
Row row row our boat
Get that voice you swallowed
Be their voice in a noisy seas
Let the world hear their pleas
To the children who had factory noises as everyday melodies
To the children who had stale breads as cookies
Who had rags as clothes and having shoes means luxuries
Show them that you care
That you are aware
And their hopeful shouts didn't led to nowhere

Twinkle Twinkle my little star
We are not so far
Up above the world so high
I could still hear your silent cry
But be ready to say goodbye
To the life worst than ants

Hold my hands
Let me listen to your heartly laughs
We rowed our boat for that
To see you away from the labor's grasps

Twinkle Twinkle My Little Star
Let me see you shine as the star you are
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