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Jul 2013
Time and space divided by all your past regrets.
     A fuel for the fire, to burn up and forget.

Your lies held tight, between your tongue and cheek.
See the reflection of yourself, before you begin to speak.

Recognize all your faults to bring potential into view.
Lives of self destruction in order to start anew.

Every moment predefined, within an awkward silence.
Trying to **** the kindness with your unexpected violence.

Override the system and watch while it breaks down.
Another body will fall with failure and hits without a sound.

No truth can reside within the honesty of a liar.
You're selling a broken soul without a committed buyer.

Fate can't be bought so cross your fingers while you sin.
You have to move quick before this Karma settles in.
Older, from 2006.
Amanda Blomquist
Written by
Amanda Blomquist
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