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Jul 2013
Close your eyes. Darkness. Good
Look into the darkness, look into the deep.
Peel back the layers, coast onward, don't sleep
Faster. Faster.
Feel the days go past -- the minutes, the seconds.
Feel the bliss of the dark rushing past
Slowing. Slowing.
Listen to the nothing, so loud and profound
Listen to the heart, where all is found
Slower. Slower.
In the pitch blackness, your quest grows longer
And as you look around in nothingness
You watch as the darkness fades to white.
Slower. Slower.

Curiosity grows.

The darkness protects you and the light blinds
From seeing nothing in the dark
To seeing nothing in the light
Blind is blind in the paradox of life

Frantically blink. Just look around.
Take in the view and make a quiet sound
You hear a small gasp, but don't see the culprit
While you are a victim, inexplicably confused
-- wonderfully amazed.
You see a new world, new colors and shapes
Vibrant and new, the world seems a fake

Look at the day, what do you see?
What world exists within your mind?
Describe to me this simple experience
Describe to me just what you see

Beyond your eyes,
Within your mind,
What do you see?

Evelyn Fried
Written by
Evelyn Fried
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