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I do not see the hype
with High School Stereotype.
Why does it receive such attention?
It doesn't need the press's mention.

We all know of the smokers by the bike sheds,
Who have nothing but fluff in their heads.
Or the girls with skirts far too short
Who's think of *** as a  competitive sport.

The sport buffs, we've all seen,
Full of life and far too keen.
Always poised and ready to go,
Every muscle toned from head to toe.

Young student teachers are here,
Enthusiastic about Bill Shakespeare.
Attempting to teach thugs to spell,
Whilst shady Heads make their life hell.

But do not forget, those you call friend.
The ones who stay by you until the end.
Making you laugh, Keeping you sane
Through rough times they remain.
These companions fit no mould
Therefore their tale is never told.

For the greatest things in teen life
Do not need the media's strife
I do not want the solo,
Let me duet with you my dear.
Sweet harmonies, loud soft, high low.
My heart acts as percussion with you near.
A tune so perfectly pitched,
I lose my time, breath caught in my chest.
We pick up speed, entwined and bewitched.
Forte notes echo , regardless of rests.
I feel your pulse, and you mine,
Lost in the moment, our art.
Accenting each note through bar to line,
Aching passion from the start.
There is no need for strings or timpani
For tonight, you accompany me
Modern day makes me confused
A world of the hypocrite
Beauty only valid when filter is used
And if the size zero will fit
When only perfection will do
How can love prosper and thrive
Mountainous expectations ******* you
Pushing you until you struggle to survive
We are taught to differ, true to yourself
Yet a grey mould leaves you scarred
Twisting your thoughts to danger your health
Confidence and esteem prohibited and barred
Therefore when you see teenage anarchy
Know that the hatred of your generation
Is the life live, our inherited fee
Our poisoned land, a broken nation
Neat orderly lines of chairs,
Rattling biro pens in sweaty palms,
An echoing hall of icy airs.
Exhaling teens failing to stay calm,
A balding figure pouting sternly,
Glares over nervous beings.
Announcing the rules that concern me,
Gulping down that sinking feeling.
A monotone drill bellows out,
I open my paper to 1A.
Oh Christ, what is this all about.
Questions so vague, I don’t know what to say.
This theme remains to continue,
Frying my brain, gnawing at my wit.
A piercing doubt seeps through,
for the rest of the exam I sit.
Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours,
Developing the skill needed to cope.
But my heart persists to cower
Falling lower, as if on a *****.
A bell calls out to signal the end,
I place down my pen somehow.
“How’d it go” asks my friend,
“Alright, double maths now!”.
It began with honest intention
No plan of causing deadly tension

It began with birdsong in summer skies
And ended in deceit and vicious lies

It began with the moon and the stars
And ended with heavy iron bars

It began with ambition and hope
And ended with us unable to cope

It began with fresh spring flowers
And ended with bleak prison towers

It began with a dream to follow
And ended with a corpse so hollow

It began with two naïve youth
And ended with a fatality unable to soothe

It began with it all
Ended with our unjust fall
If I was to describe her poetically
She's role her eyes and frown
She's to the point, explains phonetically
Always planned, with details written down.

The first to arrive at the party,
and lone behold, last to leave
Her buzz down to shiraz partly
But mainly her free spirit, or so I believe

Never one to hold herself back,
She'll sing, dance and chat to all,
And manages to keep her dignity intact.
Forget the belle, she rocks the ball.

Yet in her I confide
Catching me whenever I fall.
I feel there is no secret to hide,
As she has raised me to stand tall.

Over my 15 years I've learned
We are very much alike each other
And only one thing makes me concerned,
Prematurely, I've turned into my mother!
A peaceful corner Island
Blooming with content characters
A place where stress is prohibited
Whilst visitors relax in sea breezes

Headphones barricade unwanted issues
When salty air is present
Gentle waves caress the shore
All is well in this blissful retreat

****** limbs emerge from coats
Ready for Apollo's warming filter
Spirits and drinks are lifted
After an eternal grey Winter

Sandy-nailed hands wave hello
Occasionally capturing a mutual embrace
Debut lovers infatuate in the heat
Cupid's climate shining kindly on their faces

Silent observations from afar
Prove to be no importance
Just ordinary beings in their regular routine
Showing humanity in its extraordinary splendour
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