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Jan 21
Oh, my dearest!
Timid, and tired, and terrified you were.
Small, and silent, you hid your head in the ground.
Your future loomed in front of you,
And you could not even look to its' peak.

Oh, my dearest!
Your fragile heart trembled,
Your embers just barely stoked.
Any time you felt the call,
Whispers of contempt fluttered in through your ears,
And drew you back.

Oh, my dearest!
Bold, and brave, and brilliant you are.
Tall, and vocal, your eyes only ever look to the skies.
Your future looms in front of you,
And you grasp the next ledge.

Oh, my dearest!
They said that you would fall,
And you looked at them,
And you laughed,
And you ran right ahead.

Oh, my dearest!
Where will you go,
Now that you are free?
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