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RedRiot Feb 18
It began with a crackle
A spark
A sharp zip in the air

Then followed the inevitable
The thunderous drum
The low rumble

The sound that settles in bone
A deep growl
A warning

And then came rain
Drizzle, then hail, then sleet
Banging on windows

It shrieked and screeched
It wailed and weeped
A wounded cry

The cacophony rolled
And the sound grew loud
Until it invaded every corner

And then

Just as suddenly as I had arrived

I exhaled and withdrew

Curls of fog left behind

A glimmer of prismatic light

Peeked its way out of my heart

Finally calmed and cooled
RedRiot Feb 7
Take up the White Man’s burden—

Commit a deed so vile

Turn upside down their freedoms

Unrestrained, you beguile

In silence you creep and prey

On those that bare their hearts

They welcome you in with smiles

You steal their lives in parts

Take up the White Man’s burden

You claim to bring them light

With Western innovation

Instead you steal their right

To be a sovereign people

You think your ego grants

The theft of other cultures

You are not some gallants

Take up the White Man’s burden

And **** those who you mock

Your eyes cannot see color

Only justice that you block

They cry and they cannot breathe

Held underneath your knee

You say that they deserved it

But by whose accursed decree?

Take up the White Man’s burden

And claim to be your own

The talents that you covet

Your bitter farce has grown

But now your time has ended

Your lies have now unfurled

Now you will face as God’s wrath

The judgement of the world
RedRiot Jan 21
Oh, my dearest!
Timid, and tired, and terrified you were.
Small, and silent, you hid your head in the ground.
Your future loomed in front of you,
And you could not even look to its' peak.

Oh, my dearest!
Your fragile heart trembled,
Your embers just barely stoked.
Any time you felt the call,
Whispers of contempt fluttered in through your ears,
And drew you back.

Oh, my dearest!
Bold, and brave, and brilliant you are.
Tall, and vocal, your eyes only ever look to the skies.
Your future looms in front of you,
And you grasp the next ledge.

Oh, my dearest!
They said that you would fall,
And you looked at them,
And you laughed,
And you ran right ahead.

Oh, my dearest!
Where will you go,
Now that you are free?

— The End —