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Dec 2020
Calmer thoughts, replaced by wars
Resentment only summons more,
Shock that thunders with a crack,
Now, there's no more turning back,

Pebbles scraped, tumble and dive,
Smashing shallow ground from high,
A tragic fate that calls to all,
A pushed, prodded, and triggered fall,

Doom crystalized, serrated and bladed,
A glass knife thrown, from impact, aided,
Adrenaline amplified, enticed mind,
Alas, the influence, an unnatural tide,

Explosive ideations, undesired,
Optimism and life mired,
Pysche turned to marionette,
Taken by subconscious threat,

The gnashing teeth of the spirit,
A silent figure, you already fear it,
Collapse of the soul, defenses beat,
He who pulls the strings, is he who you'll meet.
Written about the call of the void. Article on the phenomenon below.
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