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Nov 2020
How do i tell my best friend that im in love with her?
When I'm around her all my fears fade away.
She looks at me with those big brown eyes and i just fall.
When we sitting in her drive away and says "let's go inside stupid"
My heart melts in half.
How do i tell her?
I don't love her just for her body
Not the way her lips feel on mine.
Not the way she moves her hips when a good song comes on.
How do i tell her
Its the way she pores her heart out everytime she sings
The way she looks when she's dozing off
Or when she rolls over in bed and snuggles down into her spot.
I love her obsession with blankets. The way the explains her system with making cubbyholes in them.
But I hate that you never notice how much i just sit and admire how beautiful you are.
You are my sunshine and the love of my life.
But i am not yours.
And i guess that's okay.
but if i tell you how i feel it will change things.
You will look at me differently.
And you will stop running to me.
So when you ask what's wrong
All i want to say is "im in love with my bestfriend but shes not in love with me"
But all i say is "nothing"
What do i do?
Written by
lost  18/F/Missouri
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