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Oct 2020
Last Sun Rise

   The chaos has only just begun
The innocence of yesterday is lost
There’s no turning back the hands of time
The world is slowly being degaussed

The fire of Hell is rising from below
And coming through the surface cracks
Time is running out on humanity, God and
The Devil take all, browns, whites and blacks

There’s just a decision, a simple choice
Standing between you and Heaven or Hell
There’s no real pressure for you to decide
The end is near it’s no bombshell

Yesterday is gone, so live for today
But we all know Tomorrow may never come
I ask you are you willing to take the chance
Are you just completely numb

What path will you be on, when the time
Comes and no one hears your cries
Where will you find yourself at the
Time of your Last Sun Rise

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 10/27/2020
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean
Written by
Chuck Kean  62/M/Ohio
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