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Oct 18
I am the Hatter who is mad, they say.
Gone around the bend in every way.

A loon of the sorts who adores riddles and tea,
drowning in a land of ecstasy.

Come with me now! And please don’t fret!
I’ll show you wonders you will never forget!

I’ll show you heaven, hell, and everything in between,
the moon, stars, spiraling galaxies!

A magical realm where nothing is what it seems,
rabbits in waistcoats and a vicious red queen.

My home has an abundance of enchanted food and drink;
when consumed it could make you grow tall or shrink.

I am the mascot of this terrain.
Everyone knows me by my name.

So, let’s go and take my hand.
To a place that Alice called Wonderland!
"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" -Mad Hatter
Written by
Rebecca  42/F/Houston
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