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Nov 2020 · 392
Antisocial Irony
Rebecca Nov 2020
A gregarious culture
connected to a stream,
an electric herding
of mediocre self esteems.

A network of fringe
for the modern conformity.
A new breed of introverts
plugging antisocial irony.
"Irony the opposite of wrinkly" - Unkown

My inspiration:'s_serious_Understanding_the_dark_side_of_social_media
Nov 2020 · 95
Rebecca Nov 2020
The Queen of Hearts
makes her move,
adrenaline chess
to construe.

The enzymes melt
her painted frown,
with head held high
she adjusts her crown

She remembered who
she once was,
breathless pause.

Around the King
her fingers grasp
to set him on
the Bishop's path.

And by her hand
he meets his fate
he is no more
by her, "checkmate".
“Pawns are such fascinating pieces, too...So small, almost insignificant, and yet--they can depose kings." ― Lavie Tidhar, The Bookman
Rebecca Nov 2020
The country can live
the king is now dead.
The rebellion exchanged
a crown for his head

The guillotine answered
the blade was released,
but third law prevails,
as actions repeat.

The uprising's father
was next on the list
for it to continue
for it to persist.  

A revolution can die
when they eat their own.
Sir Isaac was precise.
Robespierre should've known.
"The king must die so that the country can live." - Maximilien Robespierre

Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

I have an unhealthy obsession with the French Revolution, in my opinion, it was the most important uprising in human history.  Eat your heart out Game of Thrones.
Nov 2020 · 58
Rebecca Nov 2020
My body causes
a chemical reaction,
with the help from
the laws of attraction.

I store a nectar
my pheromones release,
it serves a delicious
butterfly feed.

is what it's called,
in my belly is
where it’s installed.

The butterflies swarm
when oxytocin’s produced.
They come to digest
the catalytic juice.

Flipping and turning
eating ravenously,
filling me with bliss
a divine ecstasy.

There is no other feeling
that I can compare,
when the butterflies dine
from my stomach lair.
“The chrysalis moves
in my solar plexus
fulfilling its mission
to quietly emerge..” -  Collette O'Mahony
Rebecca Nov 2020
What’s that? You want to fail at life you say?
Well, my friend I’ll teach you my ways!
You came to the right place, I dare say!
Because I fail at life every ******* day!

I’ll be your teacher and you’ll be my mentor.
I’ll show you all the things I’m unaccountable for.
Because that is the first thing you must know my dear pupil.
Take no responsibility, blame everyone, it’s really quite simple.

The next step is extremely crucial.
You must focus on all the negativity around you.
Ignore the positive, it means nothing.
You’re catching on I see! Let’s keep going!

The last lesson I need to teach is gratitude.
Don’t feel it or show it, it’s all in the attitude.
It’s called entitlement, act like you don’t ******* care.
Perfect!! Hold it right there!

So that is all the tools you need to succeed.
Have fun ******* up your life, Godspeed!
I posted this poem previously, but I watered it down. This is the authentic version, how I originally wrote it, but I wasn't sure that Hello Poetry would accept my colorful vocabulary. Enjoy!
Nov 2020 · 235
I Wish
Rebecca Nov 2020
I wish you were here
to walk through the flames,
the veil that was lifted
remains unchanged.

I wish you could see
how their cancer grew,
everything predicted
became bitterly true.

I wish you could hear
the poison they spit,
occupying a bubble
only they can permit.

I wish you could speak
for the ones that cannot.
A righteous indignation
for the voice that is mocked.
“Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks." - Andrew Breitbart

“The army of the emboldened and gleefully ill-informed is growing.”
― Andrew Breitbart

“Telling the truth is fun.”
― Andrew Breitbart
Rebecca Nov 2020
Talk is cheap
but conversations are extensive.
A civilized dialogue
holds a price that’s expensive.

Words cut deep
but scars do heal.
Puncture wounds take longer
to close up and seal.

The sounds of silence
are explosive gas.
It erupts so loud
it can shatter a glass.

Think before you speak
but don’t over-analyze your mind.
Second-guessing corrupts,
decisions fall behind.

Silence is gold,
I find true in range.
So just shut the **** up
and listen for a change.

My last point that
I need to elate,
to listen is to learn,
an intellectual trait.
“I'm not very good at handling stupid people. I must admit.”
― Johnny Rotten of the *** Pistols
Rebecca Nov 2020

To the faint of heart,
a new subject matter.
Using the *****
to climb the corporate ladder.

We use what we got
to get ahead.
There is ultimate power
between her legs.

A paradigm shift
at your occupation.
***** was the catalyst
for the fluctuation.

You didn’t see it coming,
caught you off guard.
She has the raised font
on her new business card.

The ***** was so good
it caused a commotion.
She got what she wanted,
a deserved promotion.

The rest is history,
nothing left to say.
Earning her keep
and raising her pay.
“Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine”
- Patti Smith
Nov 2020 · 64
Trust Inc
Rebecca Nov 2020
Trust is an illusion,
a complex metaphor,
that blankets insecurities
with the closing of a door.

Trust is just perspective,
of wanting to believe.
The power of our thoughts
can be easily deceived.

Trust can evolve.
It never stays the same.
It falls in and out of favor,
from the relationships you gain.

I only trust myself.
I can see my own self through.
Nobody has my back
quite the way I do.
“Et tu, Brute?” - Julius Caesar
Nov 2020 · 61
Tweeting Parler
Rebecca Nov 2020
Welcome to the Parler room
where we never disagree,
peddling rumors and myths
along with conspiracies.

The chirp is just the same
in this political divide,
tweeting toxic venom
while censorship’s compromised

The blue and the red
are a narcissistic bunch,
bloated ideologies
discrepancies expunged.

A critical thought
is a wicked thing to waste,
always keep it close to you
no matter what they say.
Critical thinking, the truth is just a thought away.
Nov 2020 · 52
Political Theater
Rebecca Nov 2020
Break a leg everyone!
The show’s about to start!
The scripts have been rehearsed!
Everyone should know their part!

The curtains will disjoint
under the spotlight’s glare,
while the audience awaits
in the elevated chairs.

The performance was electric!
An Emmy worthy play!
They bought it line and sinker
much to their dismay.

You showed them conflict
and fed them fairy tales.
An epic distraction
for dramatic ticket sales.  

The crowd will pick a side
and it will resonate,
cognitive dissonance
for us to captivate.

There is no left or right
in this theatrical brigade.
Self-serving is our mission.
We are one and the same.

And they will never know.
And will never ask us how.
Because the show is finally over
as we take our final bow.
"You never see the entire script of political theater until long after the last scene has been acted out." - Gary Hopkins
Nov 2020 · 49
Night Cloak
Rebecca Nov 2020
I cursed the moon that day.
I cursed the moon that day.
Nothing’s been the same,
since you’ve gone away.
I cursed the moon that day.

I shunned the stars for you.
I shunned the stars for you.
For they won’t last,
they’ll fade out too.
I shunned the stars for you.

I cloaked myself in night.
I cloaked myself in night.
Bathed in darkness,
I’ll never see light.
I cloaked myself in night.
“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”
― Mary Oliver
Nov 2020 · 441
Orwellian Madness
Rebecca Nov 2020
Orwellian madness
became fashionably late,
thirty six years
from the original date.

Fiction is front page
and truth is just a stranger.
A platform subscription
with prevaricator entertainers.
“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine” -REM

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
― George Orwell, 1984
Rebecca Nov 2020
The witch is dead?
Can this be?
My sister is gone,
so why am I happy?

Am I the wicked
and not the good?
Are these feelings I'm feeling
to be understood?

If the wicked do not rest
will she find her peace?
Did the evil she possess
get passed on to me?

There's a smile on my face
to mask my pain.
I will mirror the Munchins
celebration in vain.

"Ding ****!",  They cheer
parading down the road,
celebrating Dorothy
and her little dog, Toto.

She murdered my sibling
by her twisting home.
She came from Kansas
a place unknown.

Who is the child,
that is getting applause?
A demon to destroy
the Witches of Oz?

I need to send her back
with a simple spell,
back to Kansas;
back to hell.

I may be the next witch
on her list,
to eradicate
with a house that twists.

The Emerald wizard will answer her call.
For there’s no place like home, after all.
"Begone, before somebody drops a house on you too!" - Glinda, the good witch of the south
Nov 2020 · 67
Explicit Adult Language
Rebecca Nov 2020
**** All

There was a man named Mike,
strong, big, and tall.
An educator of knowledge,
specializing in **** All.

A Ph.D. he earned,
an expert in his field,
educating **** All,
to individuals and peers.

Now **** All is a subject
that's confusing at best.
It took a man like Mike,
to teach this daunting quest.

His syllabus breaks down
on how it will be lectured,
format outlined chapters
of logic that is conjectured.

The introduction to the course
is the art of debating.
How to argue without knowing,
the thoughts you're formulating.

Body language is key,
the foundation of the measure,
owning all your ignorance,
with elaborate hand gestures.

If you want to learn this skill,
he's the one you need to call.
The expert we deserve,
the professor of **** All.
We all know one.
Nov 2020 · 69
Go Ask Alice
Rebecca Nov 2020
Go ask Alice in her padded cell
how she took a tumble and fell
down a rabbit hole of illusion
now don’s a straight-jacket of confusion.

Go ask Alice with her veins full of Lithium
how she surrendered to her delirium
of smoking caterpillars and a
grinning feline,
now attached to an Intravenous mainline.

Go ask Alice about her sanity
how it vanished in this asylum of rhapsody
in a fog that is translucent and hypnotic
in her Wonderland of painted narcotics.
“Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know” - Jefferson Airplane
Nov 2020 · 47
Rebecca Nov 2020
Rhetorical theory
taking me over,
conspiracy meltdown
ticking composure.

Cranial seizures
convulse in time.
The Dominos fall
in a perfect line.

Tell me a lie,
I can believe.
Tell me a truth,
that will deceive.

The glass of my conscious
slips and shatters.
The story will end
when nothing else matters.
“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
Nov 2020 · 145
Thelma's Response To Otis
Rebecca Nov 2020
A contest for an added section of a children's book, Thelma the Unicorn.

Thelma's Response To Otis

I’m not. I’m not perfect.....

How dare you, my friend!
I am deeply offended!
Perfection is boring,
and flaws are splendid

I am a mosaic.
A broken masterpiece,
an abstracted rainbow,
authentic and unique.

My blemishes are mine
They’re what I want to be,
perfectly imperfect,
whimsical and free!
Nov 2020 · 56
Materials Of A Minimalist
Rebecca Nov 2020
Sarcasm is my home.
It’s where I hang my hat.
My comfortable surroundings,
a prosperous habitat.

Cynicism are my shoes.
I tie the laces tight.
A thousand miles I will walk
with a jaded appetite.

Enthusiasm is my glass.
It is always half full.
Because life is so exciting
and unpredictable.

Nihilism is my coat,
I wear when it is cold.
It shields me from conforming winds
from a world that has been sold.

Skepticism is my hat.
I question everyone.
The brim holds a query
for civilized discussion.

Criticism is my mirror,
it’s the reflection that I see.
I judge it when I stand before
my harsh realities.
“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.” - George Carlin
Rebecca Nov 2020
There’s something about cliché’s,
how they never leave my pen.
I sketch them into my decay
every now and then.

There’s something about banality,
the obvious trite remark.
I recruit into my personality
like a discarded counterpart.

There’s something about satire
and how humor causes grief;
to the audience, it aspired
from an egotistical belief
Nov 2020 · 878
My Friend, Misery
Rebecca Nov 2020
To forgive is to forget,
or so I am told.
Erase the memories
you need to unload.

Self inflict amnesia
absolve from within.
Don’t bare the scars
of another mortal sin.

But I need to remember
I don’t need to forget,
the sorrow I swallow
in each Percocet.

Misery is a friend.
She reminds me often,
the torment I suffered
cannot be forgotten.
"We can build a factory, and make misery" - Goo Goo Dolls
Nov 2020 · 65
The Beholder
Rebecca Nov 2020
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
a wise man once said.

Alas, the beholder of beauty is dead, gone away.
The internet killed him and left him to decay.
Fun fact: The Beholder's obituary photograph was a filtered selfie.
Nov 2020 · 324
Candy Heart
Rebecca Nov 2020
My candy heart bleeds with severity,
hemorrhaging despair and melancholy.

A new heartache for you to ignore,
what once was good will be no more.

My candy heart is achromatic,
devoid of color, systematic.

Black and grey is what I feel,
void of complexion nothing seems real.

My candy heart is numb and calloused,
paralyzed and unbalanced.

All that's left is anguish and pain,
the only emotions that remain.

My candy heart cannot be repaired
will not be saved can never be spared.

Demolished, some pieces lay absent,
shattered into a million fragments.
Be careful with candy hearts. They are just as fragile as they are sweet.
Nov 2020 · 122
Explicit Adult Language
Rebecca Nov 2020
Queen of the **** Ups

The Queen of the **** Ups! That would be me!
I wear that crown with the greatest of ease!

So, bow down *******, show some respect.
To the most majestic **** Up, you will never forget.

I **** up everything that is ample.
Take my bank account, for example.
In the negative it always stays,
I **** that **** up everyday.

Bills pile up they never get paid,
ignoring them wishing they would go away.
Utility bills pile up in a high-rise.
My credit score is lower than my shoe size.

Relationships are destroyed and broken,
leaving with no apologies spoken.

It’s not easy being queen, I had to earn that crown,
and I don’t plan on stepping down.
So, all hail her royal Highness and kneel before me,
who ***** **** up to the third degree.
Why be a princes when you can be a queen?
Nov 2020 · 46
A Check For A Balance
Rebecca Nov 2020
A check and a balance
for the proverbial scale.
Breathe in the cyanide
with an electric exhale.

The soul is for sale
at a discounted price.
Mother Liberty is weeping
for what was sacrificed.

Is she yours and not mine?
Must I give her away?
Did you think you were right
with the games that you played?

The blue-collar is rising
out of the rot
the ones that you’ve used
and the ones that you’ve mocked.

An institute of arrogance
only you comprehend
will distract from the truth
and deceive in the end.
Nov 2020 · 563
Dopamine Bend
Rebecca Nov 2020
Generation of attention
with a dopamine bend.
Anti-social irony
is the fresh fake trend.

A pale heart will wait
to turn ruby red.
The ego's more shallow
on the numeric thread.

An invisible crowd
will have a new pet name.
Neurotic subscribers
will be led by the vain.

Just follow the lead,
and drink their arsenic.
The poison becomes sweeter,
in the cup that you sip.
Nov 2020 · 48
Rebecca Nov 2020
My ventricle chamber
bleeds midnight,
pumping despair,
absent of light.

My atrium houses
a hemorrhaging ghost,
haunted isolation’s
conjured host.

The heart is a cavity
a decaying shell,
reality ceases
agony swells.
The right atrium receives oxygen-poor blood from the body and pumps it to the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve.
The right ventricle pumps the oxygen-poor blood to the lungs through the pulmonary valve.
The left atrium receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and pumps it to the left ventricle through the mitral valve.
The left ventricle pumps the oxygen-rich blood through the aortic valve out to the rest of the body.
In closing, when a person is in distress,  such as sadness or grief, microscopic catalysts called hormones are released throughout the body. Hormones can make a  person feel like their heart is breaking when going through this emotional trauma.
Rebecca Nov 2020
Some generous and charitable
are not what they seem.
They can be fading supernovas,
placating crooked tendencies.

They will hold a conference
when donations are accepted.
Wanting the attention
of society’s most respected.

Hypocrisy in philanthropy
is the theme for tonight. .
A reoccurring cadency,
in a false malevolent light.
Be mindful of agendas.
Rebecca Nov 2020
Two *****

I don’t give two *****,
because I have no ***** to provide.
I’m all out of *****, I used them all,
not one **** in my supply.

If I had a **** to give.
I would save it for a rainy day.
I have become frugal with my *****,
I don’t just give them away.

***** are expensive,
they come with a hefty fee.
You have to earn my *****.
I don’t give them away for free
I got nothing.
Nov 2020 · 36
Love and Loneliness
Rebecca Nov 2020
Love and Loneliness
were conceived together,
twins of the universe
separated by ether.

Strong-willed siblings
with an infinite fortitude
that Love is hope
and Loneliness is solitude.

They comfort each other
when life changes progression;
Love gives guidance
and Loneliness, reflection.
Nov 2020 · 43
Faux News
Rebecca Nov 2020
Information is a weapon
for today's master plan.
Fact checks are obsolete
by a metaphorical sleight of hand.

A clickbait to click,
for a lie to be sold,
truth is an illusion
just another tale to be told.

Imitation anchors,
fake truths and fake hate.
Finger-pointing propaganda,
no integrity to demonstrate.

Divide and conquer
is the name of the game.
The media draws the line
and the strawman takes the blame.
Don't allow yourself to be manipulated.
Nov 2020 · 39
Rinse And Repeat
Rebecca Nov 2020
My mind is politically correct,
but my shoes have no soul.
I have gained some retrospect,
after losing self-control.

I’m washing my brain.
A clean slate is what I need.
Reprogramming my frame,
rinse and repeat.
“Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.”
― Dennis E. Adonis
Nov 2020 · 66
Is Dorothy Okay?
Rebecca Nov 2020
Dorothy Gale,
are you okay?
Is the Clozapine keeping
your twisters at bay?

Do the brainless scarecrows
invade your dreams?
Is your sanity
unraveling at the seams?

No witches on brooms
are taking flight,
no flying demon monkeys
are coming tonight.

There's a yellow brick road
to your padded room.
where a straight jacket
waits to seal your doom.

There are no ruby slippers
to take you back home.
No wizard to cure
your psychotic syndrome.
"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." - Dorothy Gale
Nov 2020 · 53
Rebecca Nov 2020
Betray me with a whisper
cradle me in shame
put me in your midnight blue
and give me all the blame.

Ignore the words
that haunt me,
use them as you wish,
project them with your doublecross,
and treat me like your *****.

My shattered porcelain heart,
broke on your concrete.
Piercing through the skin
underneath your calloused feet.

Drowning in regret
is all that's' left of me,
it grips me at my aching core
and will never let me be.
“Only those you trust can betray you.”
― Terry Goodkind
Rebecca Nov 2020
Speculative perspective
is the mood for tonight.
Investigating my reality;
ruminating the moonlight.

With a stilleto stemmed glass
filled with Chardonnay,
I'll take my first person
on a questionable display.

Do I judge too harshly?
Do people push me over?
Do my emotions control
my chemical composure?

Do I practice empathy
by wearing someone's shoes?
While trying to understand
a different point of view?

Do I come off as authentic?
Do I truly mean my words?
Or do I come off as crazy
and totally absurd?

Do I aim to please people
and forget about myself?
Do I take offense
with my pride being shelved?

Are my beliefs, the truth?
Or are they just an illusion?
Gaslighting me into
a state of confusion.

Honesty will protect me
from a world that's cold and bitter.
Hindsight's the appetizer, and
perspective, it's what's for dinner.
"Do you know what I'm craving? A little... perspective. That's it. I'd like some fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?" Ego
Nov 2020 · 66
Cherry Picking
Rebecca Nov 2020
Cherry-pick the parts that fit your narrative.
Discard the others, they are imperative.

Cherry-pick all the "Yes Men" you like.
Trust what they say, believe the hype.

Cherry Pick this slippery ***** we're descending on.
Plunge down the proverbial landslide we came upon.
“Pride has quite a bit to do with hatred. In many a case in which one hates another, one subconsciously begins patterns of cherry-picking and selective hearing: he continues to look only for things about the other person which he can use to justify his hatred, things which will then make him feel less guilty about hating someone. In this regard, hatred is not so much an emotion as it is a decision.”
― Criss Jami, Healology
Nov 2020 · 53
Counted Voice
Rebecca Nov 2020
The stripes have gone dull;
the colors won't bleed.
Did we muddle it up?
Did we **** the dream?

Or was it disguised as a nightmare
for the ones that believed
in the black of the morning
with the dirt on their sleeve?

Was it the salt that you tasted
when it didn't go your way,
manipulating the stars
to make them all pay?

Did your servants make a mint
off a functioning back?
You still didn't earn
the empathy that you lack.

The party is over
the one I once knew
a voice will be counted
inside the small booth.

So, raise your glasses up high
and share this drink with me!
Here's to America!
My land of the Free!
Brace yourself, it's about to get real.
Nov 2020 · 45
Casting Couch Predator
Rebecca Nov 2020

Well done!
Now,  with your permission,
I need to critique your
acting audition.

Sit beside me, on this tufted couch.
We have a lot to discuss, a lot to talk about.

A diamond in the rough is what I see.
The silver screen is where you belong,
where you need to be.

I can polish
the rough parts of your exterior.
Compared to other actresses,
you will be superior!

Don't be shy! Relax!
Come closer!
Let me help....
I'll massage your back,
rub your shoulders....

Now, where was I..?

Yes! You will win Oscars
made of gold!
The spotlight is yours
to control!

Everyone will know
who you are!
A household name!
A shining star!

What's that?
I make you uncomfortable?..What of propriety...?
I just offered you a platform of wealth and notoriety!

Who do you think you are!?
Do you know who I am?!
All of Hollywood
is under my command!

Nothing is free,
there is always a price!
It is selfish of you
to think otherwise!

The buttons placed
on your blouse
will determine what
I will allow.

A song that's been sung,
the lyrics don't change.
You must pay the piper
for fortune and fame.

I can make or break
I do it all the time.
I have movie producers
waiting in line.

If you don't succumb
to my desire,
I will find another girl
to hire.

You will never be employed
it will be such a shame.
You'll become a pariah,
with a soiled name.

The choice is yours...
Do you want to be a celebrity?
It starts on this couch..
what's it going to be?
“The highest mode of corruption is the abuse of power.”
― Auliq Ice
Rebecca Nov 2020

You’re a fat ugly *****!”, he exclaimed.
“I would not ******* with his ****!”, he rang

The moral of his message is this,
unfuckable ******* aren’t ****.

So what is an unfuckable ***** to do?
She swears she needs this man to see her through.

“I know, I’ll transform!”, she cried,
“I’ll become more sensual for this guy!”

She styled her hair, lost some weight,
purchased clothes and cosmetics to seal her fate.

“Do not change who you are” I told the unfuckable *****.
“You were always beautiful, just as now, it is a shame he could never see this”

The unfuckable ***** took a long hard look in the mirror,
Gained some perspective and saw herself clearer.

“Forget him If he never saw the beauty in me”, she said
“I am not changing for him, I want to me be instead”

The unfuckable ***** found self-worth that day.
Acceptance made her beautiful, in a fuckable way.
Love who you are and only change for yourself, not for somebody else.
Nov 2020 · 211
Rebecca Nov 2020
My therapy is chemical,
I go for weekly sessions.
My artery is femoral,
the site of my injection.

The venom attacks the mitosis
of my splitting cell.
Dyspepsia takes over
like a spinning carousel.
For the people reading and wandering, I do not have cancer. I work in the medical field (for many years) and I am just writing about my environment.
Nov 2020 · 45
A Ship Named Censor
Rebecca Nov 2020
An odyssey of truth
across the seven seas.
An adventure of a lifetime,
take my hand and come with me!

I have a ship named Censor,
I'll navigate her wheel.
I'm the Captain of her anchor,
the master of ideas.

Perception is her mascot,
conscience is her sail.
A religion navigates
a balance on the scale.

Her starboard gravity
will tell you what to know.
Her mesmorizing port
will show you where to go.

They both conceal the waves
to capsize our ideas.
An agenda of our thought
to break a bending will.

The truth is just a scratch,
upon her glossy surface.
Concealing all the bias
will always serve a purpose.
“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
― George R.R. Martin,
Nov 2020 · 187
Click Bait
Rebecca Nov 2020
I’m going to catch
the biggest one yet;
my headline is tabloid
and I’m all set.

I’ll sit here and wait
for you to scroll over.
Don’t be afraid,
scroll a little closer.

My ridiculous title
will reel you in.
The sleight of hand
is the deadliest of sins.

You click my bait,
caught in my trap,
reading through
each paragraph.

Integrity is gone.
It’s all about numbers.
A mouse click reveals
what it uncovers.
“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”
― Albert Einstein
Rebecca Nov 2020
It can’t rain all the time
the clouds will make room
for colors to seep through
this gloomy afternoon.

A bow of colors
provided by the sun
follow the rain clouds
after they are done.

Red, green, blue
and everything in between.
Prisms of marvel
for all our eyes to see.

You can’t have colors
without the grey days.
Rainbows will appear,
they always find a way.
“It can’t rain all the time” - Eric Draven
Nov 2020 · 55
A Tiny Little Atom
Rebecca Nov 2020
My tiny little atom
sitting all alone.
This tiny little atom
make up my chromosomes.

Another little atom
will form a molecule.
More will come together
and make a soluble.

The building blocks of life
with electrons spinning round
will latch on to each other
forming chemical compounds.
Rebecca Nov 2020
Revolution is calling.
The guillotine responds
to his list of names,
it called upon.

Spewing propaganda,
he doesn’t hold back.
Pen in hand
with a medicated bath.

Drawing out anger
through a written word.
A Radicalization
that was never heard.

Death is the answer,
it sets us free.
A decapitated head
for liberty.

The uprising continued
just as he planned,
for revolution ends
where it began.
"Five or six hundred heads cut off would have assured your repose, freedom and happiness." - Jean-Paul Marat
Nov 2020 · 61
Rebecca Nov 2020
My aged calloused sweetheart,
is not what it used to be.
The harden tissue’s numb
but, remains sugary sweet.

The bitter licorice years
did not alter any flavor.
The black root didn’t spoil
my saccharine behavior.

The lemon drop months
did not make me sour.
My face did not pucker
with each ****-full hour.

My sweetheart remained sweet
and it will always be.
This world will never change
my sugary pulse beneath.
“When two tears fall
From each eye apart,
Yet they join after all
To form a sweetheart.”
― Ana Claudia Antunes, Pierrot Love: When A Call From The Other Side Takes Its Own Side
Nov 2020 · 44
Ironic Drought
Rebecca Nov 2020
A little irony goes a long way.
Give me a mile
and I’ll have something to say.

But I’m all out of irony.
My pockets are bare.
Are you even listening?
Do you even care?

Do you have some to lend?
I could use some right now.
My field has gone stale
I have no row to plow.

I’m accepting donations.
I am reaching out,
for someone to hydrate
my ironic drought.
“Give the People what they want - and they'll get what they deserve.”
― The Kinks
Nov 2020 · 41
Play Catch
Rebecca Nov 2020
Catching the Flu
starts with a sneeze,
a tickle of the throat
and a little wheeze.

My nose starts draining
an abundance of mucus.
The sounds from my throat
are becoming a nuisance.

Fever, chills,
my body is infested.
My head and joints ache
so Tylenol is digested.

I’m now a pariah
to the common health,
people in close contact
brace themselves.

I’m stuck inside, I have nowhere to be.
Come over darling and keep me company.
Sharing is caring, can’t you see?
Do you want to catch the Flu with me?
“I cannot go to school today.
Said little Peggy Ann McKay.
I have the measles and the mumps,
A ****, a rash and purple bumps.
My mouth is wet, my throat is dry.
I'm going blind in my right eye.
My tonsils are as big as rocks,
I've counted sixteen chicken pox.
And there's one more - that's seventeen,
And don't you think my face looks green?
My leg is cut, my eyes are blue,
It might be the instamatic flu.
I cough and sneeze and gasp and choke,
I'm sure that my left leg is broke.
My hip hurts when I move my chin,
My belly button's caving in." -Shel Silverstein
Oct 2020 · 263
Drug Rep
Rebecca Oct 2020
Pushing some narcotics,
of yellow, red, and green.
A rainbow of biotic’s,
to match the color scheme.

I have an abundance of diuretics
all different shapes and sizes.
An organized aesthetic
for commercial enterprises.
“No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money changer.”
― Thomas Browne
Oct 2020 · 59
Mother Earth
Rebecca Oct 2020
Love your Mother, because she loves you.
She brings you rainbows with radiant hues.
She brings you purples, reds, greens, and blues
on every flower petal, drenched in dew.

Celebrate your Mother, for her hand, is the sun.
Her gown is the wind that birds glide upon.
Her hair is babies breathe, free and undone;
growing wild in the fields where violets do run.

Blanket your Mother with adoration and time,
give her the space and peace of mind.
Her womb is a melon succulent and divine,
a grape that drips off an emerald vine.

Nurture your Mother, for the nature she holds,
never let her be compromised, bought, or sold.
Her pollen is life's one true mold.
Her soil is richer than diamonds and gold.
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