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Oct 4
In the whole time I experienced you

It all comes down to this main truth

Fourteen-year-old girls

Should not feel the hell

That comes from getting in that car

Driven by that older man

Who knew better than to let it get that far

So then years later,

That girl can hate

Every single man

Who didn’t treat her right

It’s a painful sight

A beautiful woman,

Losing her pride

After accepting that ride

It was the biggest mistake of her life.

Let’s talk about the truth

I meant little if nothing to you

That was back then

But now

To me, you’re just a memory

I barely reminisce

To you, I don’t even exist

Let’s face the facts head on

The only reason that I haven’t

Cut your memory completely off

Is because

Some mistakes are just so huge

And my epic life mistake was you

You’re in a microscopic part of my mind

So I remember. Not. To. Repeat. You.

And to teach my future daughters

As well as women of today

To accept nothing less but kindness and love

As the only way

So if you must open his car door

At least enter guarded

At least enter strong

Wear your pride wherever you stride

And remember you are a woman…

So, you can never be wrong.
say NO to ****** assault.
Beckie Davies
Written by
Beckie Davies  31/F/Australia
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