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Aug 2020
Writing by the window,
As the sunlight fills my room.
Declaration of an undoubting love,
But these letters, for whom?

Writing by the window,
Staring at the moon.
Poetry on a dozen pages,
Revealing my truth.

Writing by the window,
Coffee keeping me alive.
A book in hand,
And imaginary friends beside.

Writing by the window,
Are my words true?
I will write,
Until I am not by the window anymore.
This poem is about writing by a window, where the window is a metaphor for the world and how i am writing ,while sitting next to the world, instead of being in it.

The last stanza which draws a close to the poem is the most important. It talks about fantasies and how they keep me going and questions the readers whether my writings are based on reality or not. The poem goes on to say that I will write till i am unable to see the world anymore or maybe when i die

For the letters of 'undoubting love' read
Oh great hero, childhood friend of mine and
A broken heart
Written by
Gunnika Mehra  16/F/India
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