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Jul 2020
I lost my sense of direction
I can’t feel the same sensation
It’s not me in my reflection
I need your guidance
I can’t stand your absence
Surround me in your ambiance

I can’t distinguish left from right
I can’t make it to our Campsite
I don’t wanna be alone in the Night
I can hear it coming closer, Life
Lost in the middle of wildlife
All I have left is my pocketknife

I can feel my sanity slipping
My last fire dimming
My food shortening
I’m so cold
It’s you I want to hold
I’ve reached my threshold

Only thing left is to adapt
My humanity snapped
Endless darkness, trapped
Accustomed to the Dark
Into the night I embark
Creating my own hierarch

No matter what I become I’ll wait for you
To show me the way like you always do
To teach me the things I never knew
No matter how many nights pass
I’ll do everything I can to last,
I need you, always, Compass.
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