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Michael Oct 2020
I got lost, confused, forgotten my Left from my right
I’ve seen her before, or It, in my Dreams, a Light
So warm, reassuring, this Light held me more than tight
Ultimately, I awoke, darkness, I lost that sight

They say, true Love waits
At times it’s difficult, a world fueled by Hate
But I know, deep down, it’s never too late
I’ll find it, that light, my soulmate

Let me tell you, I found, that light is a true beauty
Made for each other, I know, truly
I’ll do my best, I will, Her happiness is my duty
She’s just what I want, I crave, my she’s such a cutie

Even in true Love nothing goes as planned
We must fight for our Love for there are many demands
At times it may be shaky, unstable, knowing not where we’ll land
But we’ll get through it together, we’ll learn Love together, firsthand

No need to rush, we have our whole lives together
Together we’ll experience it, no matter the weather
We’ll fly together, our Love as light as a feather
Our connection deeper than blood, our Love will never tether

Worry not my Love, no need to feel insecure
I’ll mend your heart through sheer Will
Stay by my side, you’ll see there is nothing to fear
I’ll adore you for always and always, Dear.

I’ll fight for you, even if you don’t want me
I’ll guide you, even when you can’t see
I’ll care for you, even when you don’t agree
I’ll wait for you, even if you leave
I’ll pick you up, even when you’re clumsy
I’ll be your foundation, your stone, your tree
Can you see now? You and I are meant to be...
Michael Sep 2020
Remember when they showed remorse.
An ounce of humanity peaked through,
Like a light from around a dark bend.
Unexpected, but craved.

Or how they supported you
When you needed it most,
Without any reimbursement
Or a second thought

Especially when they fulfilled every promise,
As your heart turned six sizes
Their ego shrank times ten
And your life felt complete beyond fathom.  

Do you remember?
Can you remember?
Do you want to remember?

Even though your whole life is a farce.
A screen being your only view.
A text is the only thing you comprehend.
Expected, yet I still cannot fathom.

For every sleepless night you loose,
Feeling like a living ghost.
Just know, everything comes to an end.
No matter how you were taught

Remember all the sacrifices everyone performed.
And all the closure you received from everything that died.
All the relationships you didn’t have to pretend.
The gratifying look on their face as you proudly call them, Father and Mother.

It’s alright, Me Neither...
Michael Sep 2020
I wasn’t suppose to fall for your love
Your entrance was a fluke
Our meeting a mishap

These feelings for you are a misfire

A chemical created, molded after your Scent
A message received that shouldn’t have been sent
A firing conceived, with no way to vent

My heart wasn’t for hire
Dire is my life the more I love
Of all my chemicals that fire
I wire yours to my temporal lobe
Above all else, you will always be my misfire, second to none
Michael Aug 2020
I see it releasing.
Black smoke
I know it’s burning,
Yet so peaceful, so enlightening.
The demons risen with the smoke
Vanished, to never come back

As dark as the day started.
Did it truly ever exist?
Something so painful
Looks so beautiful

Just for a moment
It reminded me
The feeling of Death.
Fragility at its finest
And reminded me,
Oh how beautiful
Michael Aug 2020
You left without any closure
So the wound stood open
Festering in it’s own filth

The pain severed the synapse
The rot ransack the body
And the trauma snapped the Stem

Fortunately, it won’t affect you
Just me, and everyone like me
For those whose hearts are too big

Well I say, we were ready to fly anyways
Ready to leave the nest
But not ready for the suffering you spread

No, you left us for dead
Like the rest,
Living waste

We kept away from the swig
Learned from what we could see
It’s Us you never knew

You’re just a flightless hen,
Truly a nobody,
And we’ll enjoy watching the collapse

We grew our own tilth
With our own Son
I just hate having to call you father
Michael Aug 2020
He approached the cellar,
An endless abyss of stairs.  
He could feel something... a stare
But can’t see it from all the clutter

He grasps through the dark
At any chance he’ll reach a light,
Like a month in the darkest of night
So he decides to light a spark

A stench more foul than death
A wretch about to meet the wretched
The outline stole his breath
A trail of slime so wicked

It’s skin shifted
It’s head lifted
Teeth glistened

With eyes dilated
And mouth salivated
It’s distorted body elevated

A slimy, contorted, mangled, freak
Enough to make your confidence weak
And your future bleak.
Enough talk, it’s time to eat!
What do you imagine?
Michael Aug 2020
I was raised to avoid drugs
But I cannot get enough of you
Your scent so potent
Wrapping around my entire being
An addiction so freeing
Destroy my mind, my prudence
Your slave, please, erase what I knew
Along with what I’ve dug

Promises are an illusion, just don’t fall for it
But your intoxication is the only truth
A vaccination for the moot
The solution to my pain
Because we are the same
Inject you straight to my root
Your love won’t leave me alone, sleuth
Please give me my fix, even if it just a bit

Please, let me forget
Every day living in regret
My soul is on His last reset
It’s clear you have our future set
Right from the moment we met
Unfortunately, you decided to leave
Collapsing my Everything onto me
But that’s okay, you weren’t there to see
Death only asked for a small fee
Heart torn apart seam by seam
It’s not your fault, my Dear
Never mind that is was my biggest fear
You’re near, nevertheless, not here
I wonder if you even shed a tear.
Utterly hopeless, desperately hopeful,
Consequently, not me in the mirror.
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