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Jun 2
Sick of staring up at the ceiling
How'd you change your mind just like that?
The only way to get past this feeling
Is to tell myself you're not coming back
I don't wanna love you anymore

From the start, I never thought, I'd say this before
But I don't wanna love you anymore

I can't forget, the way it felt, when you walked out the door
So I don't wanna love you anymore
Sometimes I just wanna talk for a minute
But I can't bring myself to call
Because I know that your heart's not really in it
And whatever we had is gone

There's no reason, there's no rhyme
I found myself blindsided by
A feeling that I've never known
I'm dealing with it on my own
Phone is quiet, walls are bare
I drink myself to sleep, who cares?

No one even has to know
I'm dealing with it on my own
I got way too much time to be this hurt
Somebody help, it's getting worse
What do you do with a broken heart?
Once the light fades, everything is dark
Way too much whiskey in my blood
I feel my body giving up
Can I hold on for another night?
What do I do with all this time?

Every thought comes when it gets late
Put me in a fragile state
I wish I wasn't going home
Dealing with it on my own
I'm praying but it's not enough
I'm done, I don't believe in love
Learning how to let it go

I drive circles under street lights
Nothing seems to clear my mind
I can't forget
It's inside my head, so
I drive, chasing passionate nights
Nothing seems to heal my mind
I can't forget, you
What do you do when a memory haunts you...? When feelings won't let you go?
Ashley Rodden
Written by
Ashley Rodden  31/F/Missouri
         Imran Islam, BR Dragos and Weeping willow
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