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May 25
The railway car glides along the line,
bringing us to our fated destiny;
The churning of the wheels below,
screech louder still in close proximity.

With enemies waiting in a starlit station,
I gather my packages with haste;
the family curse biting away at night,
We're captives of the nomadic chase.

They sent for us during winter's storms,
to carry out the duties of a raging war;
Between enduring legends of the countryside,
and those whose thoughts burnt ancient scars.

The frenzied lot coaxed us into wagons,
with cheap wine and women of the street;
Fear engulfed my heavy heart of stone,
and my brothers shouted for a brief retreat.

Corralled into a filthy barn of horses,
and cows who moaned throughout the night;
I hugged the eldest whose eyes were empty,
and climbed onto a horse and took to flight.

Awakening now from the deepest sleep,
I saw a young man from my dreary stare;
who covered me in a blanket of straw,
Which soothed me from the cool night air.

It was then I realized my family was safe,
the fighting and bloodshed never came to pass;
As my brothers had escaped into the woods,
and my dream-like state shattered like an hourglass.
Watching far too many Westerns during our time at home ! (lol). Hoping to build this into a "real story" some day in the future.  
Written by
Frances E McClelland  Hamilton, NJ
(Hamilton, NJ)   
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